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Mailbag question: Kids coming in early

Mailbag question: Kids coming in early

I was just curious what recruits plan on enrolling at semester? Thanks



Thanks for the question.

This is a tough question that may clear up in a matter of a few weeks. Some recruits tell everybody they are interested and they are going to college early to get a start on their football career. But in some cases recruits do not have all the requirements met in time for the NCAA clearinghouse to give final clearance.

UM has had a problem, like other universities, the last several years, not only with early enrollees, but also having recruits declared ready for fall practices. Some recruits were surprises since we, or few others, had any idea of potential problems. Things change, kids slack off or forget certain paperwork and things fall through the cracks, due to shortcomings of the player or the school.

Well most have heard that Devin Gardner would like to start in January, so he can get a jump on spring ball and get a handle of the UM offense.

Adrian Witty seems to be interested in again joining the Michigan program and this is likely if the reports of him being good to go this time and having all his requirements in are accurate.

Marvin Robinson would be another candidate that we would love to see enroll early getting him ready for fall practices, because we believe he will be playing quite a bit somewhere next football season.

Please remember many of these recruits play spring sports or winter sports that might overlap into a university semester. So recruits have to decide on whether or not they want to give up 1/2 of their senior year, along with everything that goes with it, such as friends, being close to family, prom, girlfriend, high school sports, etc. The choice is not as easy as it may appear to the outside observer.

Sure a lot of kids are possible early enrollers, such as Ricardo Miller, Christian Pace, Stephen Hopkins and possible Jeremy Jackson.

We have not really dealt with this issue lately, but we will try and get some more definite answers for you later on. Expect nothing definitive until after the season when the coaches can talk to the recruits and see where they stand as far as wanting to come in early and determining if the recruit is eligible to do so.

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