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Mailbag question: Purdue make or break game?

Mailbag question: Purdue make or break game?


Is there any reason to have any hope for the remainder of the season? I really thought Michigan had a chance this year to beat Ohio State, but not anymore and I believe the Buckeyes will shred us to pieces.

Is the Purdue game a make or break setting for Coach Rod and this staff?

If Michigan does not win against Purdue (who looked terrible against Wisconsin), I do not see where the team can get another win and that would mean two years in a row not going to a bowl game.

I remember you guys saying last year how much that hurt the program by not going to a bowl game because of the youth of this team and also the extra practices a team gets for bowl preparation.

Adam K.


Thanks for the question.

We are standing on our announced minimum standard for the last two seasons, Michigan needs to get to at least 6-6 right now and become bowl eligible. Any results that turn out less than bowl eligible will be problematical, for obvious reasons, for the entire Michigan football program.

With all the youth on the roster, Michigan needs badly to secure the fifteen additional practice sessions, acquired as a reward for bowl participation, to become better through bowl prep and also to impress high school visitors.

Ohio State did a great job of bringing in high school players during last season’s bowl prep time and this helped close out a very successful 2009 class and set up the 2010 class.

Purdue is, in our opinion, the best shot at the sixth win, but we think Michigan has a shot at Wisconsin, and Ohio State, being such a huge rivalry game, anything is possible.

Having watched Ohio State multiple times, we think the Buckeyes are a very good team, but hardly unbeatable. Also, frankly the results in the final three games will largely depend on what/which Michigan team shows up.

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