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Mailbag question: Recruiting system players

Mailbag question: Recruiting system players

You alluded to this topic in a post a few days ago, but it seems that there is an inordinate emphasis on recruiting system players. It has been evident for some time that there are gaping holes that need to be filled on defense, but the recruiting is not focusing on this glaring need.

I am getting the impression that the coaches believe they can transform any athlete into an elite player through superior coaching, scheme, and training. In a brief perusal of next year’s class there seems to be an awful lot of recruits who will likely turn out to be situational players.

For instance 5 recruits are targeted as wide receivers and only one or two of them appears to be an immediate useful addition. On the other hand only one rather smallish offensive lineman has committed and only one 4 star recruit on defense. In more frank terms, next year's recruits will probably do little to upgrade what is now the last place team in the Big Ten.

The emphasis on recruiting system players in some ways speaks of an arrogance on the part of the coaches that suggests our system and coaching can outperform other teams even if we don’t have the most elite athletes. In my opinion, if this recruiting class does not finish strong and next year’s class is similarly formed, rightly or wrongly, the tenure of Rich Rodriguez may be short lived.

Michael S.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion you need to divide Michigan recruiting into two groups, the offense and defense groups.

On offense Coach Rod and staff recruit specific types of athletes to fill specific jobs on his offense. At the clinic each offensive coach talked about what they look for out of player when they recruit them.

Both groups have some criteria in common, good athletic ability, quick feet and agility, etc, and toughness. On offense, in our opinion, Michigan recruits players for specific positions or roles in the offense. On defense Michigan’s recruiting style is different, here they look for good athletes who can run and show a defensive attitude.

They bring the recruits in, coach them up, develop their bodies and let the positions take care of themselves.

They have no problem taking tweeners and players who do not necessarily fit a specific position.

Time well tell if this is a recipe for disaster on defense or a great move to try and get athletes on the field that might not fit at other schools.

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