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Mailbag question: Regarding Coach Rod's prediction last year

Mailbag question: Regarding Coach Rod's prediction last year


I am not sure if you guys remember or not that when Michigan did not make it to a bowl game Coach Rod said "it will not happen again at Michigan while he is here," How should Michigan fans now take that since we are on the verge of sitting home again for a bowl game.

Is this just a coach trying to rally the fans and should the fans hold him accountable for what he said?

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Thanks for the question.

Both, it was definitely coach speak to rally the troops and reassure a nervous fan base that hadn't been shut out in a bowl game in thirty plus years. Also remember that UM had not had a losing season since 1967, when Michigan went 4-6. Remember that last year (2008) was the worst year in Michigan's 130 seasons of football, including this year.

But Coach Rod, as with all coaches, needs to be held accountable for what happens on the field.

We have maintained since the day after the Ohio State game last year that Coach Rod needs to get to six wins and become bowl eligible. We remember all the hem-haws and hrummphs we took last year for stating a young team greatly needs bowl practices while others said recruiting was more important even though most of the bowl prep time is considered a dead period.

This team could possible lose out on thirty practices in a two-year period. Do you really believe this team, or last year’s team, could not have used the extra practice to get ready for this upcoming season and not only accelerate development but also get a head start on evaluation of personnel.

Our standard and opinion has not changed, anything other than six wins and bowl eligibility is unacceptable.

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