Monday, December 28, 2009

DirecTV Set to launch D12 satellite Monday

Posted at 4:00pm -- 12/28/2009

DirecTV will launch a satellite (D12) on Monday at 7:00pm EST. DirecTV customers can watch it on DirecTV Channel 577. This is a test channel and will probably not be unlocked until 7:00pm EST., but you can record it ahead of time.

To watch on the internet you can watch it here: DirecTV "D12" Satellite Launch

The DirecTV 12 next-generation satellite will play an important role in extending DirecTV’s content leadership position in the pay TV industry. When it becomes operational in the first half of next year, it will expand DirecTV’s HD capacity by 50 percent to more than 200 national channels and enable DirecTV to deliver 1,500 local HD (local HD channels to more than 92% of households) and digital channels and more advanced services for its customers nationwide. The powerful 131-transponder payload integrates 32 active and 12 spare TWTAs (Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers) at Ka-band for national service and 55 active and 15 spare TWTAs for spot beams. The payload is powered by a gallium arsenide solar array that spans more than 48 meters. DirecTV 12 will receive and transmit programming throughout the United States with two large Ka-band reflectors, each measuring 2.8 meters in diameter and nine other Ka-band reflectors.

DirecTV is also planning to launch a new movie service next year, where customers will be able to access more than thousands of movie from either their PC or TV to view on their big screen TV. This service will be greatly expanded upon the successful launch of our next satellite D12, which becomes operational in the first half of next year.

DirecTV will be the first to launch a full BSS package in the US!

Past launches of the same type of satellites for DirecTV

D10 launched 7/7/2007, went "live" 9/26/2007 (81 days), with about a week delay due to spot beam and authorization issues.

D11 launched 3/19/2008, went "live" 7/31/2008 (134 days), with about a 6-8 week delay due to BSS testing. D11 got to it's first test location 5/25/2008.

Here are some key times to watch on Monday.

Assuming liftoff is 7:22pm EST.
Time Launch Event

07:24:00pm ET 1st/2nd Stage Separation

07:27:26pm ET 2nd/3rd Stage Separation

07:27:48pm ET Payload Fairing (PLF) Separation

07:31:36pm ET 3rd Stage/Breeze M Separation

07:33:50pm ET 1st Burn Ignition

07:37:51pm ET 1st Burn Shutdown

08:27:58pm ET 2nd Burn Ignition

08:45:15pm ET 2nd Burn Shutdown

10:48:45pm ET 3rd Burn Ignition

11:00:14pm ET 3rd Burn Shutdown

11:01:04pm ET APT Jettison

11:02:31pm ET 4th Burn Ignition

11:08:16pm ET 4th Burn Shutdown

03:13:25am ET 5th Burn Ignition

03:19:43am ET 5th Burn Shutdown

4:32:00am ET D12 Separation

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I watched it and thought it was pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Why do you post these DirectTV articles? Are they sponsors?

ErocWolverine said...


Because it is my blog page and I can post whatever I want on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I offended you with my question.

ErocWolverine said...

Did not offend me at all. Just stating why I posted it.

I have DirecTV and and enjoy their service.

Also many other people migt want to know that more HD channels and other things will becoming out soon with DirecTV and since I use them for listing of channels and such I would share with others that might wanted to watch the rocket take off.

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