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Mailbag question: Bo Pelini and Nebraska

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/8/2009

Mailbag question: Bo Pelini and Nebraska

How did Bo Pelini turn around Nebraska so fast? They battled Texas tough Saturday and came out on the short end. What a great defense. To bad they do not have any offense.

How did he turn the defense around so fast? They had a stat where Nebraska was in the 100's in the country when Bo Pelini took over their program two years ago and in two years he turned it around and is now one of the top 10 of defenses in the country?

I guess he cares about defense and knows the players’ names on defense?

Jim R.


Thanks for the question.

You turn your defense around by concentrating on building your program around great defense.

In our opinion it is easier to get to the top this way and the quickest way to make a program competitive. We believe teams can make games closer with a great defense than they might otherwise end up. Many times offenses will not, or cannot, score thirty plus points every single game.

Recruiting solid defenders also improves special teams play. The formula of playing great defense and superior special teams has proved successful over and over. We have seen this especially true the last so many years right in our own backyard with Ohio State. Yes they have struggled in the National Title games the last several years, but OSU has won five straight Big Ten titles playing good defense and special teams while not letting their offense screw the game up. In 2002, OSU’s defense and special teams won a National Championship. Without that great defense and special teams, that team would have struggled with the points that the offense put up.

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