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Mailbag question: Coach Kelly and Coach Rod

Posted at 4:00pm -- 12/11/2009

Mailbag question: Coach Kelly and Coach Rod


Does Notre Dame hiring Kelly put more pressure on Michigan and Coach Rod, since both programs are basically in the same situation?

Notre Dame was a pro style offense and will be a spread type offense, just like Michigan.

Just like Michigan, Notre Dame has lost the starting QB and best WR and will be basically starting from scratch.

Will the ND - Michigan game be a make or break for Coach Rod?

Danny D.


Thanks for the question.

We think Brian Kelly was a very good hire for Notre Dame.

He will provide the needed toughness and discipline that Notre Dame was missing.

We do agree that losing his starting quarterback will be a negative, and the starting quarterback for next season will miss spring practices because of injuries.

We do not think that Coach Kelly's assimilation will be as tough as Coach Rod's. Coach Kelly’s version of the spread is easier to covert from a pro style passing game.

More pressure? We are not sure about that, but it will make this rivalry a bit chipper. There is no love-loss between Coach Kelly and Michigan. This will be a major red-letter game for Coach Kelly every year. He is going to have a major chip on his shoulder from getting the cold shoulder from Michigan in our opinion.

There will be a lot of pressure on Coach Rod for the entire year, but the non-conference games might make or break his future at Michigan. If he loses to UConn and Notre Dame and is 2-2 going into Big Ten play that will bring a lot of heat and make the "hot seat" even a little hotter, especially with Coach Kelly switching Notre Dame from a pro style offense to a similar spread offense, as Michigan did at the beginning of Coach Rod's tenure at Michigan.

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