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Mailbag question: Expectations being lowered

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/16/2009

Mailbag question: Expectations being lowered


Does it seem like under Coach Rod now that the fan base have lowered their expectations so much that now they will be happy with just a winning season and a bowl appearance. I have been talking to a lot of my Michigan buddies and they all say the same thing that they hope we can win seven games next year and be bowl eligible.

I remember under Coach Carr these same buddies of mine use to complain when Coach Carr lost three games in a year and now they are hoping for 7-5. How quickly the expectations have fallen. Maybe we should take down the signs of leaders and best along with those who stay will be champions.

Seems to me Michigan fans act like this is 8 year old tee ball where everybody plays and everybody wins.

Tom T.


Yes the standards / expectations have been lowered dramatically.

We believe being 3-9 (2-6 in Big Ten) in 2008 and 5-7 (1-6 in Big Ten) 2009 will do that to the fans.

We also remember those same type of people that were flaming Coach Carr and now after two of the worse years in a row for Michigan football believe things will turn around and Coach Rod will lead them to the promise land. We do not know if they want to get back to losing three games a year and call that success where they use to flame Coach Carr for battling Big Ten titles and being in BCS bowls?

We also think the fan base has come to the realization that Michigan lacks talent at some key areas, especially on defense (finally).

They see no replacement for Michigan's three top defenders, Brandon Graham, Stevie Brown, and Donovan Warren if he does leave, and wonder if the defense can get the job done. Some expert think they will, but others want to see it on the field before labeling them better than the past two years defense.

We sometime thinks the terms "leaders and best" along with "those who stay will be champions" is overused especially by the fan base.

Right now, with not going to a bowl game the past two seasons the main goal next year should be getting back to the Michigan way of being in a bowl game from here on out. We are not suggesting 6-6 next year because that would be a huge disappointment and probably a change would happen like it or not.

No excuse for not being in a bowl game this past season in our opinion especially with the schedule Michigan had and how they started out being 4-0 with another win "in the bank" on the schedule with Delaware State along with how Michigan beat Notre Dame early where most people before the season was calling it a loss so that was a bonus when most people were predicting 6-6 or 7-5 this past season and most of those people were not expecting a win against Notre Dame.

There are 34 bowls with 68 teams out of 120 teams in division one football and Michigan should be one of those teams.

Time for results and no more excuses.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Darin said...

It is not that as a Michigan fan my expectations are lowered, it is that we have fallen so low we need to take the appropriate steps. I don't expect a struggling team to jump leaps and bounds to be a NC contender after 2 bad years. The first step is to win a bowl. Second step is to win the Big Ten. Third is to win a NC. I am also not expecting that to happen in order the next three years, but if it did I wouldn't complain! GO BLUE!

ErocWolverine said...


Well by going off your statement your expectations are lowered. When was the last time that a Michigan fan did not think his team could compete for a Big Ten title in a four year period?

Actually Coach Rod's first step is to get into a bowl game.

Also we did not say or the original person asking the question about being a NC contender, but at least compete and try and make bowl game.

When your tied with Indiana as last in the Big Ten with a 1-7 record this past year people expectations are lowered and people are all high and gitty about recruiting again and almost like the season did not even happen.

I remember when Big Ten titles and BCS bowl games were almost a norm around here or at least having a chance for it and in most fans eyes they are were ticked off when Michigan would lose 3 games and go to the capital one bowl game.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the program has been dumbed down so much that people would be jumping up and down with being bowl eligible once again.

I remember when Coach Rod came in people was saying he was going to take us to the next level.

Which level is that? The bottom of the Big Ten?

Sure does seem like it is taking a long time for this process to get going and I hope it happens this coming year.

Tom M.

Anonymous said...

I remember somebody posting on a message board after the season "strive for 7-5" is Coach Rod new saying instead of "All In".

Hank S.

David said...

I recognize the value -- both additional revenue and practice time -- of being in a bowl game, but more than anything else I want us to beat Ohio State again. Going 7-2-1 against the Buckeyes in the 90s was wonderful. Going 2-8 in the 00s has just been hell.

Anonymous said...

I used to be very excited about RR's arrival, but the last few games last season has raised doubts. Then yesterday I watch Michigan get spanked by Kansas in basketball which got me thinking: maybe it's folly to hire coaches so strongly identified with "systems." Sure anybody can win if they have the perfect players to fit their ideal style of play. But the great coaches manage to win by adapting to the players they have. I'm not sure RR and Beilein can do that. And I'm not so sure that Michigan fans want to wait long enough for these two gentleman to stock up on enough players that fit their respective systems. I want coaches with the "if Life gives you lemons, make lemonade" type of attitude and adaptability. I'm disenchanted with RR and Beilein's dogmatic approach to their respective sports.

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