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Mailbag question: Practice for extended seasons and championship games

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/19/2009

Mailbag question: Practice for extended seasons and championship games

Hey guys, great job with the site and I really enjoy reading it.

There has been a lot of talk about missing practices with bowl games. Here is my question.

Do teams that play during "Championship Weekend", two weeks after Michigan is done with their season get those extra weeks of practice? There was concern about pushing the game back to the weekend after Thanksgiving, yet many of the students are away on break. So what if they pushed it back by two weeks and played the last weekend of the season, would Michigan essentially get two extra weeks of practice or is there some kind of NCAA restriction during the season regarding practices. They could also add an extra bye week during the season so there wouldn't be a two-week layoff between game eleven and OSU.

Todd W.


Thanks for the question.

Teams do indeed get practices to prep for the championship games and then they get fifteen additional extra practices to prep for the Bowl game. So, this is almost twenty more practice sessions that Michigan will not be involved in.

NCAA rules allow teams twelve regular season games, with practices to prep for each. A team can schedule a 13th game if a team travels to Hawaii. Conferences with championship games also receive additional practice time for teams to prep for that game as well.

The biggest advantage for teams with longer schedules, such as the Pac 10, without a championship game is that they extend their season and make it longer, and as a result have at least one bye week, sometimes two during the season.

When most teams are playing twelve weeks in a row teams with extended seasons have a huge advantage to try and rest up, rejuvenate, and get players healthy (or a little but healthier) because going through a football season players will always have bumps and bruises and frequently must play at below 100 percent.

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