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Mailbag question: Still looking at so many recruits?

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/14/2009

Mailbag question: Still looking at so many recruits?


Do you guys think it is weird that the coaches are still looking at so many recruits right now, even though the available spots are almost filled up?

Do you think this may be a result of not liking some players that are already committed, or do you think the coaches believe some recruits will not make it in, decommiting or not qualifiying?



Thanks for the question.

It has always been so in the recruiting world that after strong senior seasons some new targets/prospects emerge. This year is no different.

The biggest change was Michigan gaining so many early commitments. Some we agreed with while others we did not. It is obvious to us that the coaches are not that comfortable with some of the committed recruits either, or they would not be on so many other recruits right now with the class almost sewn up.

It was not that long ago that recruiting did not even start until after January 1st bowl games. Today, schools are involved with sophomores and in contact with freshmen at times by having them on campus along with getting mail and receiving contact information if a recruit wants to talk with the coaching staff.

As far as a thought about what the coaches are doing Well, we believe that they are worried about some recruits looking elsewhere. Some recruits might not make it in. And indeed the coaches might believe some recruits are not as good as they previously thought and are looking to try and find a replacement.

We have heard rumblings that some kids possibly at this time might be on the edge of academic admission and still have a long way to go. Will this make the UM staff move on and use that for an excuse to drop a committed recruit after what happened last year with Witty and Turner? Turner was admitted after fall practice started and Witty is still waiting to get into Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

i think osu does not even want him, but are messing around with michigan to show them they can get a kid from detroit.

Anonymous said...

if osu gets hankins it might not hurt Michigan, but it sure will look bad losing him to osu.

bouje said...

Or it could be the fact that Michigan can recruit 28 guys...

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