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Mailbag questions: 10 reasons to be optimistic about next year

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/2/2009

Mailbag questions: Ten reasons to be optimistic about next year


Hi guys,

Now that we’ve wrapped up yet another dismal season, I was wondering if you could give me 10 reasons to be optimistic about next year. We’ve got 9 months now to analyze all the blunders and missteps of the past, but if I’m going to make it through all that, I need some reasons for hope.


David VL. From Delmar, NY


Thanks for the questions.

1) A third year in the same system team should show major improvements.

2) With two and a half recruiting classes now in place, the depth should be better.

3) Two returning quarterbacks with experience.

4) Young offensive linemen are starting to flex their muscles.

5) Mike Martin over the last half of the season was the most improved player; he started commanding a double team.

6) Four slots with experience are starting to show some skills.

7) Stonum has shown some exciting things on kick off returns.

8) Coach Robinson is now in his second year to teach his defense, and the players understanding it better should help.

9) If being laughed at by Ohio State does not p*ss these guys off, nothing will.

10) See #9 ... This should be repeated and also should be seen again.

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