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Mailbag question: Comparing players and patching up relations

Posted at 8:00am -- 1/27/2010

Mailbag question: Comparing players and patching up relations

Hey Gentleman,

Hope the New Year is treating you well. A couple of discussion points;

1. Could you compare the skill sets of Mike Jones and Isaiah Bell to that of Brian Rolle? The measurable are similar (5-11 to 6-2, 220lbs), all are traditionally undersized for their positions, or projected positions (ILB-MLB); could we expect a similar impact this year (or future years) with Isaiah and Mike to that of Brian’s impact on the 2009 Buckeyes?

2. Is has been well documented that “issues” exist between the current Michigan staff and the Detroit Renaissance program. Going forward, what would you suggest needs to take place in order to mend the relationship? It seems some “individuals” need to take a step back and re-evaluate their agendas. Though we are all Michigan fans, it is generally accepted that Michigan is a top institution of higher learning, and offers more life lessons and opportunities than just football, an opportunity that should not be easily discarded if offered. If a student chooses to attend another universally due to personal preference, opportunity, etc, fine. However, to steer and influence a child away from even looking into what Michigan can offer because of personal relationships, well, I’ll let the fellow readers fill in the blanks. So I reiterate, going forward, what realistic steps can the staff take to improve the relationship? Also, have you had experience with this type of scenario before and if so, was the relationship ever improved?

Joey P.


Thanks for the questions. Thank you for referring to us as gentlemen!

Comparing Bell and Jones to Rolle is difficult having not seen them practice much. It will indeed be interesting to see how these players have changed with another off-season under Coach Barwis and another year of learning the system and being in college.

Rolle is a bit thicker, as would be expected considering he is a few years older. Rolle also played basically the same position in high school, so his learning curve was smaller.

At this point we would say that Jones is bit more explosive than Rolle, but Rolle is more physical.

As far as the high school scene goes: patching up bad relations can be extremely difficult. Even bringing in a new staff still the ill will from previous staffs remains present. Essentially, it all depends on the high school coaches and what they believe or want to believe about the coaching staff at Michigan. Everyone has some type of agenda -- some high school coaches try and push kids to a certain school, while others are just happy that any college program is looking at their kids.

The best way we know to institute “corrections” is to find an alum or former player with program contacts, and the college coaching staff just needs to keep inviting the high school staff to practice, along with visiting them at their school to show they want to recruit that school and want to take the kids entrusted to the high school coaches and improve their lives both athletically and academically at the University of Michigan. That is about the only way you can change things.

At this point in time, with how the economy is, one would think high school coaches would love to help players get to highly esteemed colleges to improve not only their lives, but quite possibly the families lives as well (on down the road). To this day, many football recruits (like the general student population) are the first in their family to attend college and that should only help a kid and his family in the future.

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