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Mailbag question: Question about this recruiting class along with Drake

Posted at 8:00am -- 1/23/2010

Mailbag question: Question about this recruiting class along with Drake

Hey, how's everything? I had a quick question on this class. It is assumed that UM only has 24 commits and that Drake will not be a part of this class, correct? Why is he still listed as a commit? Where is he going to go? I ask because it doesn't look like we'll have trouble in terms of numbers with only a few guys left on the radar, so why not keep him?

Also, how do you guys see these last few weeks playing out?



Thanks for the question.

Yes, it is our understanding that Tony Drake will not be a part of the 2010 recruiting class. We do not believe he is being pushed out because of numbers, like Jordan Barnes was last year, but because of academics. We believe he just recently took his ACT or SAT and it is questionable regarding will he qualify? Does that mean he would be accepted or sent a LOI on signing day if he scores sufficiently on his academic standards test? We do not know. But test results take time to come back and this coaching staff likely does not want a repeat of last summer’s in/then not in situations. There are practice exams that can somewhat predict how first timers will do on ACT’s or SAT’s.

Drake is an athlete and super in open space. His spot will likely end up in the hands of a defensive recruit.

As far as grading this recruiting class, GBMW is currently sticking with a C+ or B- grade for the class. Going off our grading scale we believe it is a good to average/okay class, but lacks those super elite players that can contribute right away, along with UM not filling key areas on the defensive side of the ball, especially the front seven.

Pure numbers are used as a factor within rating systems and teams with more recruits can secure a higher rating. But would you rather have 10 impact players or 25 decent players? Michigan greatly needs depth, but the Maize and Blue also need true difference makers that can be the difference on a field on autumn Saturdays. It is hard to secure both needs in one class.

This will end up being a very interesting class to predict and look back on, with quite a few high-risk/high-reward type players. GBMW’s biggest disappointment is not signing a true nose tackle prospect, along with not adding much depth in the front seven on the defensive line. With no true stud Mikes and an interior line that played good, but nowhere near great, opponents will once again run early and see if Michigan is vulnerable from tackle to tackle. If the law of averages and statistical regression are in force (and this is almost always so) some of the average-rated recruits will be pleasant surprises and some will be busts. But who will fall into each category? That is why this class will be interesting.

There are some very good scholars coming, and there are some very motivated players coming; that should count for something and all of us hope the fatman on the teeter-toter ends up on the surprise side.

Written by GBMW Staff

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