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Mailbag question: Several off-season questions

Posted at 8:00am -- 1/24/2010

Mailbag question: Several off-season questions

Your team is doing a really nice job with the blog. Thanks for your time and energy.

Since you have solicited off-season questions recently, here are a few that I have been toying with:

1- Who was our best walk-on? Leach, in more limited time, or Kovacs, who earned a starting spot?

2- A related question, do you think either of the two walk-ons will continue to get regular time next year? I guess you could also simply read this question as: what's your current best guess for Safety and ILB depth charts (although maybe that OLB spot Brown played this year figures into your answer for Kovacs)?

3. What was up with Obi playing 22 yards deep a few times early in the year. Is this some kind of shift in the secondary, where a LB drops to play a traditional safety depth?

Cheers and go blue!


Thanks for all the questions

1) It is hard to really say who is best because three played and one played a lot more than the others, but for any walk-on to make the field we do salute them for their hard work and giving their all. We hope this coming year we will not have to rely on walk-ons as much.

To answer your question:
Kovacs had the most experience on the field and was second on the team in tackles. Leach is undersized, but had solid play, and moves very well. Henniger was a nice surprise, and he showed a big improvement over spring practices.

2) Kovacs, Henninger and Leach all end up in the two deep depth chart. As a result, all will likely see some playing time. How much time, we will have to wait and see how the other players do in the spring. along with how the new group of committed players come in and progress during the summer.

The one problem with all the early enrollees is that not one defensive player is among the group. We were counting on at least one that we believe would have seen playing time (Marvin Robinson). Now with Marvin not coming in until summer, this puts him behind a little bit compared to a good prospect participating in the fifteen spring practices, along with being in a college S&C program under Coach Barwis.

3) This is Michigan 's version of the Tampa 2 with the middle linebacker responsible for taking the number two-receiver/slot receiver or playing in deep middle coverage.

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