Friday, January 22, 2010

Response to AJ from Ohio

Posted at 12:00pm -- 1/22/2010

Thanks AJ from Ohio for the great feedback. After reading your post we believe you really do "GET IT"! Make no interpretation that others do not get it. But simply put, perception is a powerful force, and your perception tank AJ is not running on empty.

You are absolutely correct; one does not have to be a blind follower to support the program or think everything is going great, or believe that the coaching staff, administration or the university enjoys infallibility. The loosely thrown out and poorly defined term “hater” is a moniker for an I do not agree with you, nor will I listen to what you have to say approach. Using intelligence, making inferences, or declaring a position on very observable goings-on does not dictate fans to be immediately classified into a so-called faction.

When GBMW first decided to start up the blog page, one overriding mission was to establish an outpost, an oasis, for all respectful opinions/views/observations, etc. Continuing, to establish a place where those of us who bleed Maize and Blue could come and share our passion for Michigan football, basketball, hockey, and other Michigan sports along with the now red-hot interest of every college fan, recruiting.

This blog is a place where decent and respectful “disagreement” is welcomed and quite frankly we believe this quality (along with some pretty good perspective) is what makes the blog fun.

Just as AJ from Ohio stated, a place where all opinions are respected. GBMW, as stated, has attempted to provide a haven where the Michigan fan can just go and have enjoyment for a short period of time, not certainly 24/7 by any stretch (unless you as a reader live within EROC’s weather radar range and are cursed with a fixation of watching weather radar screens).

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss, or if deemed appropriate, debate football with those who see fit. This is not to be interpreted as meaning the site wishes to create unnecessary conflict or start some phoney, predetermined, self-instigated soap-box war just to get reader tallies.

Like all good sounding boards, the process works best when a respectful point of view is logically presented and substantiated or supported in some reasonable manner.

So, to conclude, we ask our readers to take just a minute and write a nice comment to thank AJ and Joey. And always remember, these mailbag letters were shared to show that this blog is for discussion and talking University of Michigan sports, and has been from the very first day.”

Again, thanks everyone, we hope you enjoyed this slightly different sojourn off the beaten path. In effect, Joey and AJ, with the close timing of the e-mails, gave us a message and provided a venue to share this message with you.

Written by GBMW Staff

Go Blue -- Wear Maize!


Ben said...

You think AJ "GETS IT" because he is simply parroting every opinion every espoused on this blog. Give me a break. The irony in what you write about welcoming disagreement is palpable.

But, of course, I doubt you publish this comment.

Anonymous said...

thanks guys. this has become my favorite michigan blog site. respectful and some of the most knowledgeable info out there.

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