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Carvin Johnson: 2010 Michigan Wolverine -- Safety -- Signing Day Recap

Posted at 4:00pm -- 2/21/2010

Carvin Johnson: 2010 Michigan Wolverine

Height: 6'0
Weight: 185 lbs.
Position: Safety
High School: Rummel (Louisiana)
Head Coach: Jay Roth
Recruiter: Coach Fred Jackson
Class: 2010 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Signed)

Carvin is a good size safety prospect and he makes up for a lack of speed with strong instincts. Carvin could also be a huge help on special teams and he could also grow into a linebacker.

Carvin has good size and quickness. He is a solid athlete who is always around the ball, shows a physical side, and is always hustling and playing 100%. Carvin has demonstrated excellent hands.

Needs work:
Carvin does not have great speed or burst.

Carvin reminds GBMW of this former Michigan Wolverine:
Cato June.

Red-shirt or play his freshman year:
Red-shirt, unless he is needed on special teams.

Where do they rank him:
ESPN: 3-Star .. #73 at position.
Rivals: 3-Star .. #33 at position.
Scout: 3-Star .. #79 at position.

Final Thoughts:
Carvin is a player who in a few years could really help Michigan on defense. He brings quickness, instincts and seems to always be around the ball, just like the player we said he reminds us of, Cato June, who played safety and ended up playing linebacker in the NFL. Linebacker might be Carvin’s eventual position as well. Let us hope he does not fight playing linebacker in college, like Cato did.

Written by GBMW Staff

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