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Coach's Corner: Breaking down the Defense by position / grades.

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/5/2010

Coach's Corner: Breaking down the Defense by position / grades.


Defensive Line:

GBMW gives the defensive line class a grade of B.

There are three very good prospects in this group, GBMW thinks highly of Richard Ash, JiBreel Black, and Terry Talbott a.

The obvious disappointments were securing a true nose tackle and a pure edge rusher.

It is possible that Davion Rogers grows into a defensive end and that Jordan Paskorz adds enough weight to play a one tech defensive tackle, but we would have preferred naturals instead of projects.


GBMW gives this defensive group a grade of C+.

This grade could be adjusted up if one or two of the bigger safeties grow into linebackers. Jake Ryan is solid and Davion Rogers possibly could help out at Craig Roh's quick/death-backer position.

Where Kenny Wilkins ends up will also affect any final grade. Does he play linebacker or grow into Ryan Van Bergen’s hybrid defensive tackle/defensive end position?


GBMW gives this defensive group a grade of B-.

We think Courtney Avery and Terrence Talbott are two of the more underrated players in this class.

Courtney Avery is good enough to get calls from Florida late in the recruiting season and if Terrence Talbott were two inches taller he would have been much higher rated.

Cullen Christian is an ideal cover-two cornerback, but may lack the speed to be a pure cover corner. If Demar Dorsey plays cornerback this grade would bump to a B+.


GBMW gives this defensive group a grade of B.

This is quite the interesting group of athletes and quite a mix. Demar Dorsey is the top athlete in the class and Ryan Vinopal and Marvin Robinson are both edgy safety prospects.

Carvin Johnson is a very smart player who could help at safety or move to Stevie Brown's strongside linebacker position.


GBMW gives this defensive “group” an A-.

Will Hagerup has a huge leg. If he can learn to speed up and cut down on his steps he will be excellent addition.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

What about Josh Furman? I think he is a good addition to the S/LB crop of players.

coachbt said...

Furman is an outstanding athlete. His measurables are eye-catching. Our porblem is he does play as fast as his measurables. The key to playing in space, OLber or safety is having the explosive capabilites of covering 5 ot 7 yards very quickly. He have not seen that from Furman at this point. An example of this Steelers Troy Palamalu. he is darn explosive, I saw him play game this fall where from the hash at 7 or 8 yds deep he closed on flat pass the made tackle short of 1st down. 1/2 step later and TE gets 1st down.

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