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Coach's Corner: Breaking down the Offense by position / grades.

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/4/2010

Coach's Corner: Breaking down the Offense by position / grades.


GBMW gives this quarterback class an A-.

Michigan signed two excellent athletes at Quarterback. Devin Gardner is one of the highlights of the class and Conelius Jones has a ton of potential, a very good athlete. Where will Conelius end up?

How well and how quick these two players develop will be a key to Michigan 's future success. Here are two very good athletes with very good size, hence the A-.

UM has gained a huge benefit by getting D. Gardner in early to learn the offense, participate in spring practices, and undertake Coach Barwis’s tutoring in the off-season workout program.

Offensive Line:

GBMW gives the offensive line class a C-.

This grade is not a direct cut on Christian Pace, we believe he is a solid prospect at either center or guard and love his edge.

Classes with only one offensive lineman make us nervous no matter how many players were recruited the previous year or how many Michigan can secure the following year. UM is still hunting the big elite, maybe next year is the breakthrough.

Running Backs:

GBMW gives this running back class a B-.

Neither Austin White nor Stephen Hopkins are elite level talents in our opinion. One is very shifty but no true burner, and the other could be a punishing short-yardage runner, but again, no burner.

They are both very good prospects and each has the potential to contribute in a big way.

One of our biggest negatives of this class is a lack of a Lache Seatrunk or Lattimore in this class. We thought Michigan needed a Clement-type talent in this class.

Split Ends:

GBMW gives the split ends a B.

There are no elite stars in our opinion, but the class does have four very good prospects. This group possesses size and a willingness to block, a refreshing outlook for a run dominated spread system. Recruiters have mixed opinions about the wide-out group, but the attitude and work ethic appear to be in place.

We still prefer a difference maker type talent within this group, a Kyle Prater or Wood type athlete who will make defenses play the secondary differently.

The defensive breakdown is coming tomorrow.

Written by GBMW Staff

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