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Conelius Jones: 2010 Michigan Wolverine -- Quarterback -- Signing Day Recap

Posted at 4:00pm -- 2/15/2010

Conelius Jones: 2010 Michigan Wolverine

Height: 6'2
Weight: 197 lbs.
Position: Quarterback / Athlete
High School: Spartanburg Viking's (South Carolina)
Head Coach: Freddie Brown
Recruiter: Coach Tony Gibson
Class: 2010 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Signed)

Conelius is yet another athlete in 2010 signing class that displays a great combination of size, speed, and athletic ability. Now consider this: Conelius has only been playing football for two years and as one would suspect he is still fundamentally raw and in the process of learning the game.

Conelius is strong-armed and possesses excellent, quick feet. He throws a nice tight spiral. Conelius has experience running the quarterback read-option offense. He moves very well in straight lines and has good overall quickness.

Needs work:
Conelius has a habit (not uncommon) of throwing off the back foot and needs to get his shoulders and feet parallel to the line of scrimmage on boots and rolls.

Conelius reminds GBMW of this former Michigan Wolverine:
Rich Hewitt, who was a quarterback and later turned into a defensive back.

Red-shirt or play his freshman year:
Almost a certain red-shirt.

Where do they rank him:
ESPN: 3-Star .. #92 at position.
Rivals: 3-Star .. #N/A at position.
Scout: 3-Star .. #60 at position.

Final Thoughts:
We ASSume Conelius will red-shirt and will probably stay at quarterback for the upcoming year. Will Conelius eventually settle in at quarterback, or will he be moved to another position? Well, this might depend on other players coming in from this class, along with how recruiting goes in 2011. He seems to be made for the spread type offense with his running and as stated he has a good arm. Conelius likes, or seems to like throwing on the run and has pretty good mechanics. Also, his potential as an athlete is very good, but does he want to be a quarterback or will he be in favor of trying another position before it becomes too late to have an impact at another position? Other players already here, or coming in the future, will be learning and practicing at other positions Conelius may be suited for. As a result, the longer the wait is delayed moving to another position, the tougher the task.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

is it just me or does this kid throw a much better ball than Gardner. and his running seems to be on par with Garder as well.

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