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Mailbag question: Bad blood between Coach Rod and Coach Hope

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/6/2010

Mailbag question: Bad blood between Coach Rod and Coach Hope

I was just wondering if you had any opinions on the bad blood that seems to exist between Danny Hope and Coach Rod. I know it occurred awhile back, but I am relatively new to your website.

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Thanks for the question.

Well it all started with Coach Rod "stealing" from Purdue Roy Roundtree on the very last couple of days of the 2008 recruiting season. Coach Hoke was on the coaching staff when Coach Tiller, the head coach, said that Coach Rod did not abide by the unwritten rule of the Big Ten (recruit commitments from other Big Ten schools) and also stated that Coach Rod was using a wizard hat and snake oil.

It then escalated when now Head Coach Hope, after a Purdue win in Ann Arbor. Brought out suspended offensive linemen to shake hands with Coach Rod after the game at midfield.

Coach Rod interpreted that as placing blame upon him and took it personally, especially after the game during the press conference where one could tell how much it affected Coach Rod.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't the whole "suspended player" thing due to Coach Rod not discipling a player for what "appeared" to be a punch to the groin during the ND game? The Big Ten then stepped in and suspended the Mich. player anyway and RR said he would then be watching other Big Ten teams to personally send in incidents that the conference needed to look at, and he either named or alluded to that Purdue player who had "appeared" to twist the leg of a Northern Illinois player in their game.

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