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Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/17/2010

Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey

What's Up!

I really like what you guys are doing. You guys are doing a fabulous job and it is easy to see why with the crew of guys you have. Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated.

And now here is the question:

I know CoachBt always says that if you have freshman playing, that is not a good thing.

Do you still feel the same way about Demar Dorsey? Watching this kid’s film is amazing, he can really play. I would love to hear your thoughts on what kind of an impact you think he can have next year.

Thanks again and keep up the exceptional work!

Bruce S.


Thanks for the question and kind comments.

Demar Dorsey: his upside/ceiling is simply outstanding. From a strictly athletic point of view, there are few better in the nation. This is likely a case where athletic potential will translate into football success.

Demar is a player with super/dynamic movement skills. This (his level of athleticism) cannot be taught. Other players across the entire nation spend years attempting to get their athleticism close to Demar’s.

Demar Dorsey is probably the number one overall athlete in the Michigan 2010 class; and this is a noteworthy statement considering Gardner and Furman also possess superior athleticism. Simply put Demar has super athletic ability. Demar is capable of playing safety, corner, split end, and has the ability to be an excellent special teams player.

Demar has super movement skills, excellent quickness, a smooth easy backpedal, a dynamic burst and very strong make up speed, his feet never stop moving. He is explosive and sudden with the ball in his hands, is not afraid of contact, and shows a physical side to his game.

Demar is still fundamentally raw and has quite a few areas that need improvement, tackling and shedding blocks are just two of the improvement areas that stand out on his film. Demar’s tackling is only average and he needs to do a better job of wrapping up. Also, he has some problems getting off blocks, gets lost in coverage and does not always maintain proper leverage. Superior athletes in high school frequently fall back on talent, but in college technique and playing within a scheme are critical.

Here are some of his combine stats that we found:

40 yard dash ... 4.25

20 yard shuttle ... 4.19

Vertical jump ... 39.5

Broad jump ... 10' 1”

Three cone drill ... 7.44

So you can tell with those numbers Demar is a very gifted athlete, who is not your normal freshman coming in. He is one of those elite, talented players we have been talking about bringing in to help this defense out right away.

There is also a ton to learn from the defensive playbook before he will be ready.

In our opinion, if what Coach Rod said about Demar starting out at cornerback is true, that would help get him on the field early.

If Demar first plays safety, that is a completely different scenario. There is much more to learn in assignments to play really early at the safety position.

Written by GBMW Staff

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