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Mailbag question: Incoming defensive players and JT Turner

Posted at 4:00pm -- 2/1/2010

Mailbag question: Incoming defensive players and JT Turner


Who, if any of the incoming freshman, do you see as "instant impact" type players in our secondary? Do you feel JT Turner is ready to be a reliable option as a CB for 2010 and what is your projection of the 2 deep for our secondary?

Ryan C.G.


Thanks for the question.

Of the commitments as of 1/24/10, we like the skills that Terrence Talbott shows on film. We also like Marvin Robinson's film.

Courtney Avery is a very good athlete and is a possible sleeper in the group. ErocWolverine saw him live last year and concluded he was the best player on the field. But the problem that Avery faced his entire senior football season was that not many teams went against him when he played cornerback. Instead teams in most cases went to the other side.

With Warren leaving, and Boo Boo being dismissed, and perhaps not returning), we really hope that J.T. Turner is ready to step up, or things could get very ugly. J.T. Floyd is a decent player, but Turner could be a player that can take this defense to the next level.

Regarding the two deep going into spring, we would like to see to the most athletic talent, with speed, on the field.

1) Floyd .............. 1) Woolfolk ........ 1) Vlad ........... 1) JT Turner
2) Woolfolk ........ 2) M. Williams ... 2) Kovacs ....... 2) Simmons

We will obviously have a better idea after spring practices.

Much comes down to how much Turner is ready early-on, along with if Floyd is ready to step up. This team needs more speed and also more physical presence in the secondary so that is why we are going with Woolfolk and Vlad. Of course Coach Rod likes to mix up the depth chart to keep the players hungry and always fighting or competing for playing time.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the blog and the analysis you provide.
I could be wrong, but I think you're committing a common mistake of confusing the names of the CBs. I think it's JT Floyd and Justin Turner.
end of line

ErocWolverine said...


Well in regards to JT Turner / Justin Turner.

If you go to and here is the link JT Turner is listed in the roster:

He goes by both, but perfers most to call him JT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Woolfolk was SS in coach Robinson's defense. Am I wrong in thinking this?

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