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Mailbag question: Playing the younger offensive linemen

Posted at 12:00pm -- 2/2/2010

Mailbag question: Playing the younger offensive linemen

I am hoping that Michigan makes the switch from playing experience to playing younger guys who have more upside and more athleticism (Barnum, Omameh, Lewan, Schofield, and Washington). With that being said, how are the younger guys progressing in the off-season and which player should/will be a major contributor on the front line next season?

How is Elliott Mealer coming along? He has to be a fan favorite after showing the courage he has after the tragic accident. I am trying my best to purchase an Elliott Mealer jersey, he truly is a Michigan Man.

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Thanks for the question.

We are hearing that Schofield, Lewan, and Washington are weight room warriors and progressing nicely.

Barnum's biggest hold ups have been injuries and not being able to gain enough weight.

Omameh is developing nicely in our opinion and we would not be surprised to see him, or Barnum, starting at the right guard position during spring.

We like Mealer a lot, returning after the tragedy and basically missing an entire year of football shows an amazing amount of character.

Who ends up starting, this in our opinion is the key question to the season? GBMW will have a better idea after spring ball.

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