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Coach's Corner: Biggest hitter and most physical linemen

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/13/2010

Coach's Corner: Biggest hitter and most physical linemen

The ratings of hitters and physical linemen in the Michigan program are based on last year’s games and spring practices. I am not including high school films within these ratings. This 100% based on college competition.

Concerning the biggest hitters in the program:

1) Brandin Hawthorne:

This kid flat out finishes his tackles. Brandin rolls his hips through and drives right through the ball carrier. He has a natural pad level and changes levels very well.

2) Mike Jones:

Mike is the most explosive defender I saw last spring. He covers short distances in a flash and really brings the wood. He hit Tate Forcier once by accident, after pulling up, and I thought Coach Rod was going have a heart attack.

3) Kenny Demens:

Kenny bends his knees and finishes well, and he really drives through a ball carrier and has very good pad level. In my opinion he had the best linebacker aptitude last spring. Here is a bonus: he has a nasty edge to his game that I love.

4) Mike Williams:

When Mike gets to the ball carrier, he can finish and deliver a nice smack. His problem is his feet don't always allow him to get there in time.

5) Vladimir Emilien:

Vlad was indeed the best tackler in the secondary last spring, and a nice finisher as well. He drove through ball carriers and rolled his hips through. Vlad’s pad level could have been a bit more consistent.

6) Mark Moundros and Mike Cox:

Both of these guys brought a hitter’s mentality to the running back position. Mark Moundros has great body lean and gets his pads under a defender, Cox has excellent lean and delivers a nice shot.

Most Physical Linemen:

In my opinion there is a huge difference between hitters and playing in the trenches. These are the guys who impressed me last spring and through the season with an ability to play physically at the line of scrimmage.

1) Mike Martin:

This is one nasty hombre. Plays with that edge all defensive tackles/nose tackles need. He rolls his hips through and gets phenomenal leverage. If Mike were two inches taller, he would have every pro scout drooling in my opinion.

2) David Molk:

During one on ones David was the offensive linemen who most stood out. He was like a pit-bull, once he locked on he did not let go.

3) Perry Dorrestein:

Perry was the best drive blocker in one on ones. When he locked on he was scary. If only he had better feet.

4) Ryan Van Bergen:

This kid has a nasty edge and is fearless. In one on ones his match ups caused the biggest pops after Brandon Graham's.

5) Elliott Mealer:

Here is a player that really surprised me with his attitude. He and Ryan Van Bergen had one really nice confrontation/battle that caused a buzz amongst us watching. This little “episode’ also brought smiles to Coach Frey and Coach Tall. Mealer is my sleeper, a now forgotten man on the offensive line that may not stay that way for long.

6) Patrick Omameh:

In space, while pulling, this kid smacks people. When Patrick got to linebackers he finished. At the line of scrimmage last season, he was not as successful.

Written by GBMW Staff

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very encouraging that many guys on this list are young and have yet to see the field. Hope.

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