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Coach's Corner: What we would like to see in the spring

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/8/2010

Coach's Corner: What we would like to see in the spring


1. We start by saying we would like Michigan to add the midline series to the current offense. Denard Robinson running this set would give opposition defensive coordinators nightmares!

Plus the midline series takes advantage of the offensive center being UM’s best offensive linemen. So, this set is a perfect fit for Michigan's personnel.

The Midline series is a version of the quarterback read option. The primary difference is that the quarterback reads the 3-tech defensive tackle. In my opinion it is a great addition to the read option.

If the 3 tech is positioned to the offense’s off right have the center, LG, and LT inside zone block to the left, the RG then directly rips to the LB and the RT fans or blocks out on the D-End.

The read option, either for inside or outside zone, is a key component for this offense. It means by reading someone (a specific player) there is one less person to block. I understand it was not always great they just need to read and execute the read option better.

Adding the midline would be huge in my opinion, but do it with Denard not Tate.

UM is adding midline this year because an offense can run it against an even or odd front and its a great compliment to the inside zone.

2. Broken record time -- Stretch the field.

Attack the field vertically to back opposing safeties up. In my opinion it is just as important to get slot receivers involved and move the overhangs out of the box. Overhangs (outside linebackers and strong safeties) are the most dangerous defenders.

3. More explosive Offense -- Need to generate more big plays/long gains.

4. A rotation in the offensive line -- In my opinion it is time to get some of the young studs playing time. Gradually is okay with me.


1. Chip on The Shoulder Attitude – Last year, the team showed some attitude early, but it disappeared. Nothing brings a smile like defensive swagger. That wild-eyed, crazy, hair on the back of your nec,k stand up, I am going to tear your arm off and beat you to death with it, mind set.

2. Emphasis on Creating More Turnovers- I did not see as much of this last spring, which was understandable with a new defensive coordinator. Turnovers create short fields and even some scores. This needs to happen for UM to get past 50-50.

3. Competition for positions -- Depth has been so woefully lacking and this directly influenced the competition level. Nothing brings out the best in players like spirited competition.

4. Physical Play -- Again UM showed signs early in the season, but this attribute also vanished. We all want Michigan to be the type of team that opponents dread playing, win or lose.

Special teams:

1. Someone to kick the hell out of punts!

Written by GBMW Staff

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johnboy said...

In the midline comments (point #1), you first say that you would like to see Michigan add it,

In the last paragraph of #1, you say:

UM is adding midline...

Are they adding it or do you hope they do?


ErocWolverine said...

Do not want to put words in CoachBt or twebber55 mouthes, but I believe they "hope" it is added this spring.

It is something we will see very soon.

We saw them add the "trojan package" and it looked very good last spring, but once the season came along and C. Brown was injured we did not see it as much as well.

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