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Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/6/2010

Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey

What are the positives/negatives/thoughts of starting Demar Dorsey out at CB rather than S?


Chad G.


Thanks for the question.


The first positive is that Demar Dorsey gives Michigan a super fast athlete, one who can match-up with just about any split end that Michigan faces. Next, Demar is the type of athlete (elite level talent) that Michigan has lacked, especially on defense. As such, Demar is a player that can come in and be able to contribute right away.

Another positive is that Demar also has the size to play press or cover 2 cornerback. The current cornerback position group is one of the thinnest on the team, with only Troy Woolfolk and JT Floyd having any meaningful game experience.


Taking into account the above, the biggest negative is that by playing cornerback Dorsey is not playing safety. Having a super fast athlete at safety would/could help cut down on the number of big plays.

In our opinion it is best to build a defense from the inside out, that is, to be strong between the hashes and up the middle.

Playing your best athlete at strong safety, the deep 1/3 position in Michigan's defense, makes a lot of sense.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks guys....hopefully Floyd or one of the frosh can step up and earn a cb spot sometime into the season...assuming Woolfolk plays one of the safety spots and Turner locks down the other cb position. I'd love to get Dorsey some experience at safety. Really just need to get him on the field...if he comes in ready to compete.


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