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Mailbag question: JT Floyd

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/14/2010

Mailbag question: JT Floyd

I have been reading a lot and it made me start thinking about the guys that actually played last year and did an OK job and were serviceable for the Defense.

With that said, I was wondering if you guys could break down JT Floyd and what you guys think his potential is? Personally, I think he is somewhat of a sleeper. He played last year and was very serviceable. He didn't make any HUGE mistakes. I think he lacks ideal speed, which is very tough to gain, but to improve on making correct reads (WR eyes, etc), hip movement, getting head around, being in the right place, and getting your hands up when the ball is in the air, those are all things that can be taught. Being that he has had a year of experience and with spring practice coming up, how do you all think he does? What kind of an impact can/does he have/make? As I said earlier, do you think he could be one of the sleepers that could shock everyone?



Thanks for the question.

We would not be surprised to see JT Floyd start at cornerback this year. His experience will be a huge benefit to the secondary. What Floyd brings to the table is very good size and toughness. What he lacks is speed and overall athletic ability.

If Michigan plays press or cover-2, Floyd should be solid. If Michigan instead plays more man or deep 1/3 coverage, Floyd will not be as good of a fit.

One other thing in Floyd's favor is his attitude and coach ability. At the practices we attended, his work ethic and willingness to learn were obvious.

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