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Mailbag question: Looking at the schedule

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/17/2010

Mailbag question: Looking at the schedule


Great site! I really enjoy it.

I was looking over next year’s schedule and I became very optimistic. There should be a solid progression on the offensive side of the ball that will help the defense. The defense could be just as bad as last year and we should still win 7 games with a chance at 10. So many of the teams we play have lost QBs and other key positions, which I believe puts us in great shape. What do you predict us winning next year based on the schedule? Do you see the same reasons for optimism?



Thanks for the comments and the question.

Contrary to some opinion we at GBMW are eternal optimists.

We go into every season expecting the best. But we are also realists and will always give an honest assessment of what we expect and what we see or hear about the football team.

We do agree with you that a few teams on the schedule will go through some growing pains with new quarterbacks.

But keep this caveat in on the back burner for future thought: the inexperience some teams will have at quarterback will mostly show up as a big negative against teams with a good pass rush and secondary play. Pass rush and secondary play are two of Michigan's biggest question marks on defense, based on past history and the current depth chart.

In a recent article we stated that most seasons turn on five to seven plays. At this point our baseline for the 2010 season is the same as 2009. There is enough talent for this team to win 7-8 games and anything below that is under performing, just as with the past two seasons. The point about the offense progressing even further hopefully comes true, but this is not a given. The running game must find at least one back to play at a big-time level and the passing game must at least be successful enough to move safeties out of the running box.

We can actually see more than those 7-8 wins, but with injuries and how the ball bounces (turnovers and breaks in the game) we will have to look at spring practices to get a better feel for this Michigan team especially on how the defense will look in our opinion.

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