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Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Linebackers

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/6/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Linebackers

It is the beginning of March and the football team will soon be into spring ball. Below is what we think of a few key players:

Of course, the GBMW staff will have a better, more complete idea in a couple of weeks, but this is where the opinion is riding heading into spring football, now less than two weeks away.

Obi Ezeh:

Here is a player we just have not been able to figure out. During the spring he always appears to have turned the corner and is stepping up his play, But along comes the fall we see him making the same mistakes he has committed since he arrived on campus. And so, the Missouri syndrome takes effect: show us. Obi has the talent, it is obviously there, but he has not put it together yet on Saturdays in the fall.

What could be interesting is to see how JB Fitzgerald does, along with Kenny Demens. Could improvement from these two motivate Obi? Competition is a good prescriptive medicine for playing time, and a time-tested way to knock a starter off the perch is hard work by the understudy. Not even a first-class crystal ball can perfectly predict the linebacker scramble that better ensue soon.

If others step up and override obi, will the coaches try Obi at another position or keep the battle going into the season?

JB Fitzgerald:

JB needs to illustrate this spring that he wants to play and has the desire to take a starting position away from the more experienced players. He needs to show that he will compete and take that step of not wanting to be on the second group and fight for playing time.

If JB can show the coaches significant progress, then maybe they might try and move Obi to another position, but if he cannot unseat Obi, then Obi will remain where he currently is.

JB Fitzgerald has all the tools to be a good inside linebacker and if he succeeds this positive will automatically help the 2010 defensive unit. Having a presence in the middle is not a luxury for a defense it is a must.

Ken Demens:

As with the other linebackers, Demons’ situation will be interesting as well. By all indications, Kenny is a great kid, and as such is very coachable. If Kenny can put it together he could get his shot at significant playing time this year. He just needs to get on the field and show the coaches what he can do in primetime action.

Mike Jones:

We were pleasantly surprised by Jones’ ability last spring. The primary question is will he stay outside or move to inside linebacker?

Written by GBMW Staff

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