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Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Offensive Line

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/16/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Offensive Line

This is the final addition of "going into spring football" which was our eigth addition in this series.

It is mid-March and the football team will start spring practice today. Below is what we think of a few key players:

Of course, the GBMW staff will have a better, more complete idea in a couple of weeks, but this is where the opinion is riding heading into spring football, now less than a couple days away.

Last, but not least, is a discussion of the offensive line. This group will be nice to watch this spring to observe how far this group has come in a short amount of time. The only remaining questions are who plays and where? The biggest (and most important) specific question is who plays left tackle?

We know that Steve Schilling has the left guard position locked up, or we at least are assuming this tenet.

Taylor Lewan:

Will the coaches trust him enough and give him the opportunity to start at left tackle, or will they go to a more experienced player? This is a key position since it is protecting Tate's backside. The tackles can really help Tate by providing the leverage along the line of scrimmage needed to do more than just run for his life up the middle.

Patrick Omameh:

Do the coaches play Patrick at right guard or try him again at the tackle position? Or does it come down to how some of the other linemen do as to where Omameh plays?

Ricky Barnum:

Just like last year at this time questions remain about where to play Barnum? How does Molk being out effect where Barnum might play? He could play just about anywhere on the offensive line and that includes center. There has certainly been some brainstorming with Molk out on what to do about the center position. Keep in mind how important the snap is in this offense, since most of the time the quarterback is in the shotgun.

Quinton Washington:

Here is a player that has very good potential, but right now is stuck behind Schilling. Will they try big Q at another position or get him ready to take over Schilling’s position next season?

His type of body style (BIG!) has trouble adapting to Coach Barwis’ workouts and Michigan’s offensive pace. How fast he adapts and progresses will be big factor in the success of Michigan’s next generation line.

Written by GBMW Staff

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