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Michigan Football Tidbits: Practice 2 Report

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/19/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Spring Report 2

We are hearing that the second practice of the spring could rightfully be termed very good. Remember the team is still in shorts and helmets, so as any football veteran would conclude the players should look good. Pads do not go on until Saturday's practice. Of note is the offense looks very quick and athletic.

Michael Shaw seems to have really regained his weapon of his speed, and although early could be the speed-back that makes a difference in 2010. If he can stay healthy and not dinged up like in past, the offense can make progress and other elements will click. Last spring GBMW wished for the same with Carlos Brown and Brandon Minor, but they were constantly dinged up during the season. And so who will ascend to the heights of premium running back probably remains the biggest offensive question mark this spring. Who can remain healthy might be the equation element that solves the puzzle.

The quarterbacks, from what we were told, were "okay,” nothing great or nothing really bad. We saw a report that a certain quarterback was "impressive." Well, we can say concerning the reports we heard is that someone, looked like a freshman quarterback with fumbled snaps, two interceptions returned for touchdowns for the defense, and several overthrown balls. But as we said this is early and one grudgingly and realistically expects that from a player just coming into his first spring practice.

As far as Denard goes, he had his moments as well, with some very good throws and of course good results from running the ball, but he had a lot of balls sailing on him from what we were told.

Tate looked decent, but again the spring session is early on and players will have some rough spots. Tate does look to have his velocity back and all will continue to monitor his progress.

Some of the problems related to quarterback play could be related to the snaps being all over the place and very inconsistent. Molk was spotted taking snaps with a red jersey on in some drills (non-contact) of course.

Other sources have stated some different things than what we were told about the offensive line. We believe the starting line during the second practice was Huyge (LT), Schilling (LG), Khoury (OC), Omameh (RG), and Dorrestein (RT). We are not trying to make a point here, but just trying to be accurate. Of course throughout the spring practices different combinations will be tried along with different units formed. As practices move forward more obvious trends that go beyond random or planned experimentation will lend more substance and accuracy to practice reports.

We were informed that once the 7 on 7 and "light" scrimmage took place, the tight ends were not used very much. A couple of the tight ends dropped some passes during drills, so that might have been part of the problem.

The formations seemed to include a hearty helping of two slot receivers and two split ends, the slots combinations composed mostly of Odoms, Gallon and T-Rob with Grady getting some time as well. Stonum, from what we were told, looked very good along with Jackson being impressive (solid) for the young pups, and on this day Roundtree being the best of the group. Gallon is freaking scary quick and athletic, and he did drop a couple of passes. The formations featured two-back sets as well, with mostly Cox and Shaw. Remember we told people to watch out for these two running backs if they can stay healthy.

On defense sources stated that UM used a 3-3-5 stack almost exclusively, but did stem and such to turn into a four-man front, but the focus was definitely a three front. Roh looked a good 10-15 pounds bigger and we suspect and others agreed that he could easily add that much more weight.

On defense the following assignments were highlighted: Vlad (safety), Williams (bandit), Kovacs (spur), Floyd and Woolfolk (Cornerbacks), Mouton - Obi - Roh (linebackers), and Banks - Campbell – RVB (defensive line).

Remember that Coach Rod likes to change things up and doesn't place in stone a so-called first team, second team, but rather first group/second group so there will be various combinations. That is a time-tested benefit of spring football sessions.

Size is still a concern on defense, especially with the hard working Martin out, along with last year’s concerns about the defensive line depth issue/talent.

Banks stood out and made several good plays we were told by fighting pressure and maintaining proper leverage.

Floyd looked very good in one on one drills, seemingly with more confidence.

Again, we caution, these observations are early and not sustained over a length of time.

But we at GBMW close with this: it is fun to again start talking football. We hoped you enjoyed what could be put together.

Written by GBMW Staff

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GregGoBlue said...

Williams at safety eh? If that's a viable option come the fall, the battle at CB should be a heated one, especially if JT Floyd looks better. Is it going to be Turner/Woolfolk? Woolfolk/Floyd? Turner/Floyd?! Very encouraging, if just from the first few days of spring practice.

Imagine an offense with Gallon, Denard, Roundtree, Shaw, and Stonum on the field at the same time. Talk about weapons...

Dan said...

Where was Justin Turner on defense? Was he not playing?

Anonymous said...

I might continue to read this blog if the grammar and sentence structure were higher than a 3rd grade level, and every other sentence wasn't a potshot at some mystery "reports." Maybe I'll try back when the blogger graduates to middle school.

ErocWolverine said...


Well they do not call it safety. From what we heard think more of "Stevie Browns" position last year as the new "bandit" position.

Again only the 2nd day along with only shorts and helmets so hard to tell a lot this early from what we are told.

We will see, but it seems that those three players are the key guys at CB ... be interesting to see what happens this fall.

Yes this offense has some good depth and talent. Just need to start putting it together.

ErocWolverine said...


He was with the second group from what we was told.

Playing behind Floyd which is understandable especially since Floyd played last year and in most cases the more experienced players get first crack at it.

Remember they are only in shorts and helmets right now ... pads not until saturday.

ErocWolverine said...


As we have stated in the past "If you do not like it -- do not read it" ... applies here.

We are not forcing you to be here and quite frankly do not care one way or the other if you come back or not.

Obviously you have your own higher ground to walk on so maybe you should take it.

As far as taking "Shots" ... well we are just telling people what we heard from several sources and to the best of our knowledge we stand behind what we was told.

Again ... thanks for stopping by, but don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out if you cannot stand this blog or the information it provides.

Say No to Mgoblog Douchebags said...

Looks like AnonAnus is one of those holier than thou jerks from mgoblog's board. They are just jealous because there is no one on their board that has any inside info to post. Besides, they end up just stealing your info and posting it there. I am going to take a line from Sean Penn and apply it to the fools over that mgoblog, ""You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer?"

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