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College Football Live

Posted at 10:00am -- 4/16/2010

College Football Live
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BigBlueFaninSD said...

If I was RR, I think I would invite all former players to a one-day meeting that was held in March in which I had each coach go over his personnel, his goals, and his challenges for the upcoming season. It would be brutally honest. And attendees would have to sign non-disclosure agreements.

This would at least clear the air with these guys as to what was going on, what the status was of each position group, etc., so that they wouldn't be left in a position of reacting to questions about the program or its record in a vacuum. (Obviously, some guys wouldn't be invited -- say like Corwin Brown last year, or other active D1 coaches.)

This wouldn't necessarily stop negative reactions. Once some of them got this in-depth briefing, nothing is to say they'd like what was said. But the more they felt in-the-know, the less they would feel the need to be publicly critical.

I know RR has had players back on various occasions. But I don't believe they've ever been given this kind of briefing. I think it would be a great investment of the staff's time.

GBMW Blog said...


Yea like your idea and think that could help in some ways.

We believe that a lot of the comments are these former players just looking at the win/loss record and also watching the team play.

Be tough to try and pick a date for all these former players to come in, but maybe when they have the annual golf charity event would be a good idea for such a thing.

The thing is winning will cure a lot of these problems, but right now a lot of the former players do not see the same Michigan program that they played for -- that means winning (in our opinion) and going to bowl games and battling for the Big Ten title.

Have to remember these former players have a lot of pride in the program that they helped build and they don't like it when the team finishes last in the Big Ten last year and a 1-7 record to boot in the Big Ten.

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