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Mailbag question: Brandon Moore

Posted at 12:00pm -- 4/12/2010

Mailbag question: Brandon Moore

I asked this question on another site and would like to hear your opinion. Given the limited action our TE's see, and Webb and Koger ahead of Brandon Moore, do you know if the staff has considered moving Brandon?

Sean D.


Thanks for the question.

The easy and quick answer is ... NO.

At the very least, we highly doubt this would ever occur. Physicality is not a strength of his game. It takes a special type of player to move from the offensive side to the defense. Not only does it take a specific skill set, it takes a defensive mentality. We have not seen any evidence of a defensive mentality at all.

Kevin Koger was out for most of the practice so Moore played in his stead. Also, keep in mind the fact that this is Webb's last year and that only leaves Koger and Moore as scholarship tight ends for next year. Koger is a junior with only two seasons of eligibility left. With only fifteen to twenty scholarship spots (depending on the usual attrition, etc.) available for the 2011 class, Michigan, it would seem logical will attempt to bring one tight end on board. But this team needs help at every defensive position and also needs to get at least two or three high quality offensive linemen. So, it will be interesting to see if a tight end can be successfully recruited.

It remains a likelihood that the UM offense keeps on using two slots and just finds a walk-on or somebody that doesn't work out on the defensive side of the ball to switch over and be that "big body" when needed on goal line or short yardage situations.

UM has used the tight ends in the backfield to replace the Kevin Grady type of kid. This provides an indication (albeit incomplete) that the offensive staff is getting away from the discrete fullback look as well. We believe that is why Moundros asked to be moved to linebacker, a position where he would actually have more of a chance to play. In Saturday’s scrimmage the coaches did bring in John McColgan #49 to play fullback.

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