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Mailbag question: Coaching approach to the defense

Posted at 8:00am -- 4/23/2010

Mailbag question: Coaching approach to the defense

Guys - thanks for blogging.

I enjoy reading what you have to say. I know that you are just starting to write about this past weekend. At the appropriate time, can you address the coaching approach to the defense? Specifically, in the past you have written that, to paraphrase, the coaching emphasis was on the offense, not on the defense. Has that changed?

Neil K.


Thanks for the question.

This is a really amazing thing to watch.

Once warm ups are done, it is like the squad truly is two different teams.

The defense goes its way and does its thing; the offense goes its own way and does its thing. They do come together for some group work and one-on-one work, but for the most part the groups stay separated.

This is not unusual, most programs we are familiar with practice in a similar way.

We were impressed with the amount of work accomplished by the defense.

Also we want to note that this year we have seen a few different things as far as practice goes, one being defensive situations such as the defense is behind with four minutes to go and one time out. The object here obviously is stopping the offense and getting the ball back.

The defensive coaches seem to really be working with the players regarding getting possession by stripping, punching and ripping the ball out. The defensive players seem more relaxed this year and not so much in a “my head is spinning” mode. The defenders seem to better understand what they are doing and this can be observed both on the field and when they are coming off the field. Collectively the players do not look as confused or make as many queries as they did at this time last year.

One member of our staff has made this observation readers may be interested in: during scrimmage time the offense is given the opportunity to better practice situations against the defense that are beneficial to the offense than the reverse scenario. The defense in scrimmages has mostly/solely practiced against the Michigan sets and the Michigan tendencies, likely leaving defensive preparation for game week and scout squad duty.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

GBWW Staff: Does this defensive preparation against the offense as described help or hinder the defense? Please respond.

GBMW Blog said...

Both, helps against teams that offense simialr to UMs, hurts against power teams that use TE, H-back or Lead FB.

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