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Mailbag question: Denard at other positions

Posted at 8:00am -- 4/17/2010

Mailbag question: Denard at other positions

If Denard Robinson does not win starting QB job, and assuming he falls to 3 on depth chart, where would you play him? Slot? Wide? RB?

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Thanks for the question.

If Denard can catch the ball we think he would make an outstanding slot /return man. If he has trouble catching the ball, running back would be his position.

WE are not ready to declare a move at this time especially after all the practices we have seen this spring. Right now, in our opinion, Denard helps move this offense and is a real weapon.

People have been a little leery of our reports and reports from others about Denard Robinson this spring. The thing is he is the catalyst for the offense moving the ball and in our eyes he is the best choice "right now" because he has developed a short passing game and as the extra advantage of better using his legs. So, if the decision is close right now it seems logical to go with the player that can create plays on his own, especially if much of the rest of the offense displays some difficulty in moving the ball.

Denard's biggest problem early on will be that like last year teams are going to crowd the line of scrimmage and force him to throw the ball. This will either make or break him because if he can get a passing game going and move the linebackers and safeties back to at least be concerned about the passing game that will only open up more running lanes for him and also for the running backs as well.

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