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Mailbag question: If every player was healthy

Posted at 8:00am -- 4/28/2010

Mailbag question: If every player was healthy

Hey guys, good work as always, I definitely appreciate how you guys updating the depth chart this spring. However, it has sparked some thought and I've been coming up with every combination of a 2-deep for this fall. Anyway, I wanted to get your opinion of what the 2-deep would look like with everyone HEALTHY and with the incoming freshman on board (assuming all qualify).

I find myself debating because we have so many interchangeable parts. For example, if Turner goes to FS with Cam Gordon, does that move Emilien to Spur? Is Dorsey really a CB, or will he fly around at that deep safety spot? Where do all of the "spinners" in Jones, Bell and Hawthorne fit now, LB’s or SS’s? Is Patterson really a NG or is that just for depth purposes? ...I'm not asking for answers to all of these questions, I'm just saying these are the questions that are keeping me from coming up with something even close to a 2-deep. So what would be your depth chart this fall with everyone healthy and freshman in the fold?

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Thanks for the question; it does provide a nice opportunity for a hot-stove discussion now that we will not see a Michigan player in uniform until the opener against UConn.

We are not putting freshman in the two-deep right now because we want to make sure they all arrive on campus and are cleared. Also, we want to see how the newcomers work-out and practice before putting any newly arriving freshman ahead of players already here and having the advantage of going through spring practice. It can be a big difference for some incoming freshman to transition from high school football, where most of the time the Michigan recruits are usually the best player on their team, conference, etc. Now, all of a sudden the freshmen are on a team with players at their ability level, or even better, with college experience. Here goes our depth chart right effort for now. Warning: there will be further fluidity.


Split End: Stonum and Webb

Slot Receiver: Odoms and Gallon

Left Tackle: Lewan and Huyge
Left Guard: Schilling and Washington/Mealer
Offensive Center: Molk and Khoury
Right Guard Omameh and Barnum
Right Tackle: Dorrestein and Huyge
Tight End: Koger and Webb

Slot Receiver: Roundtree, T. Robinson/Grady

Split End: Hemingway and Koger

Quarterback: D. Robinson and Forcier
Fullback: McColgan and Hopkins
Running Back: Cox/Shaw and Hopkins, flip a coin.


Defensive End: RVB and Heninger
Nose Tackle: Martin/Campbell, Sagesse
Defensive End: Banks and Patterson

Weak-side Linebacker: Mouton and Leach
Middle Linebacker: Ezeh and Demens -- flip a coin
Strong-side Linebacker: Roh and Fitzgerald

Bandit: Kovacs and Simmons/Hawthorne
Spur: T. Gordon and M. Williams/Jones

Cornerback: Woolfolk and Turner
Cornerback: Floyd and Turner

Free Safety: Vlad and C. Gordon -- flip a coin

Defense is most likely area that incoming freshman will get a chance to be in the two deep.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

Did we forget a running back?

Anonymous said...

Argh, you've got Campbell and Martin so that they will not be on the field at the same time. I was thinking that there was some debate about which one played the NT position, but that they would both be playing.

GBMW BLOG said...

It is possible that both see field at same time, especially in UM plays more even/4 front. It is just that if UM plays a lot of odd/3 front Martin showed a ton of potential and ability playing the NT last season. In our opinion his skills are better fit at NT. And all he saw Campbell play was NT.

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