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Mailbag question: Isiah Bell and Ricardo Miller

Posted at 8:00am -- 4/21/2010

Mailbag question: Isiah Bell and Ricardo Miller

Hi guys,

There hasn't been much talk this spring about a couple of players. On offense Ricardo Miller and on defense Isiah Bell. Both were highly touted, highly ranked and yet hardly a mention. Have you guys heard anything about what's going on with these two?

Thanks in advance for your response and for a great blog.

Tom T

Thanks for the question.

Well Ricardo received a ton of reps and work this spring. Remember, he is just coming into Michigan and frankly all three of the incoming split ends are getting significant reps.

Ricardo showed some positive skills and showed other areas where he still needs some considerable work. In our opinion the raw skills are there, he just needs additional experience and strength. Like most high school players, his fundamentals need work as well. Many times we heard Coach Dews "express himself strongly" for Ricardo to stop hopping when coming off the line of scrimmage when the defender was in man coverage at the line.

Bell is learning a new position this spring compared to last year. He has been working out at linebacker most of the spring. He is at a similar place (regarding overall performance) to Miller. Bell shows some talent, he just needs some additional seasoning and strength, along with understanding what it takes at this level to succeed at his new position.

Some players can react quickly to change while others take considerable time. We believe that fans in general hold a common perception that players can change positions and immediately start competing for a job while battling other players that have played the same position for many years.

Fans expect too much from some of these kids. Some can be prepared and come in right away and help. While others players need years to develop just to have a chance to play, no matter their ranking or stars that were giving to them in high school.

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