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Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Depth Chart -- Updated 4/10/2010

Posted at 8:00am -- 4/11/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Depth Chart -- Updated 4/10/2010

Remember, when looking at this depth chart, that several players are being held out or are just coming back from injury. This chart is based on one date and is highly flexible from day to day. This is charted out from the assumption (pretty obvious by looking at who was on the field when) that the first group played the first series ... second group played the second series. As expected the coaches did change it up and move people around.

Offensive Depth Chart: First Group -- First Series

SE: Roy Roundtree

SL: Kelvin Grady

LT: Taylor Lewan
LG: Steve Schilling
OC: Rocko Khoury
RG: Patrick Omameh
RT: Mark Huyge

SL: Terrence Robinson

SE: Darryl Stonum

QB: Denard Robinson

RB: Michael Shaw

*** When tight end was used- add Martell Webb.
*** When two running backs wer used- add Fitzgerald Toussaint.
*** When fullback was used-add John McColgan.

Vincent Smith -- out for the spring.
David Molk -- out for spring.

Kevin Koger -- (Red Jersey).
Perry Dorrestein -- (Red Jersey).

Offensive Depth Chart: Second Group -- Second Series

SE: Jerald Robinson

SL: Martavious Odoms

LT: John Ferrara
LG: Ricky Barnum / Quinton Washington
OC: Elliott Mealer
RG: Michael Schofield / Christian Pace
RT: Erik Gunderson / Michael Schofield

SL: Jeremy Gallon

SE: Ricardo Miller / Jeremy Jackson

QB: Tate Forcier

RB: Michael Cox

--- The coaches moved a lot of bodies around on the second group offensive line, especially after Steve Schilling was hurt and Ricky Barnum was moved to the first group.

*** When two backs were used- add Stephen Hopkins.
*** When a tight end was used- add Brandon Moore.

Offensive Tidbits:

One thing to keep in mind is that some reports floated around the Internet some are almost amusing to read and opinions vary so greatly on who looked good and who did not. Sometimes it almost seems like the observers may have watched a different scrimmage.

We at GBMW are following a strategy of concentrating on who was on the field with and against what group. For example, when Denard Robinson was with the second group going against the second group defense, we just kind of knew he was going to run all over the defense because of the lack of quality depth the defense has right now. This provides little input on how well a player would do against a skilled defense. So who against whom is very important in evaluation (especially so with huge differences in talent between the one’s, two’s, and three’s).

Collectively, our entire group thought that overall the first group defense and first group offense were fairly even and both played reasonably well. The second group offense scored almost whenever it wanted on the second group defense (truly with little effort) and we believe that is where some of the reports of the offense dominating the defense are coming from, or some are not taking into account the talent level of the second defensive unit.


First off, the quarterbacks all looked pretty good on Saturday. All three quarterbacks saw snaps with the first group and also the second group -- Denard 50%, Tate 40%, and Devin 10% with the first group.

If one had to rank the quarterbacks right now on this day, it would go as follows from GBMW’s viewpoint: Denard and Tate neck and neck -- slight touch ahead for Denard because of his legs and Devin following those guys.

Devin has really improved from the first time GBMW saw him at practice. He is picking up the offense fairly quickly, but the biggest adjustment in the summer and fall will be learning the rest of the offense (catching up to Tate and Denard). The potential is there, that is for sure, frankly big time potential, and Devin will soon be pushing Tate and Denard, THIS YEAR! Devin has the complete package and can do things the others cannot do, or at least we have not seen Tate and Denard do some things that Devin can in two years.

Although filed under the category of opinion (a relatively strong one) we believe that if Devin had been with the team last year, arriving with Denard and Tate, that Devin would be the starter, no questions asked with having a year of added experience and development!

Denard and Tate seem to give up on the passing game pretty quick (not an isolated trait, but almost always) or hit the short route without letting the play develop and a few times you heard Coach Rod or Coach Magee letting those guys know it. (One of our observers was counting time off after the snap hit Denard’s and Tate’s hands, the eyes and the ball started to shift focus into scramble mode almost every time after a period of 2.0-2.5 seconds, sometimes a little longer)

If Denard can open up a little more and stretch the field with a passing game, he is going to be tough to defend. If not the box will be loaded and the outside contain of other tams will focus on funneling him to the middle.

Here is a short quote from Craig Roh coming off the field later on as the scrimmage was over halfway done: "they only have Denard -- we are stopping them, but not him -- pick it up".

That is why we currently give the slight edge, at least in GBMW’s view, to Denard, because of his legs and what he has shown in practice. He creates plays with his legs. While Tate can scramble and get out of trouble, he just doesn't bring that running/scrambling (Plan B) dimension like Denard does. If the offense continues to use the play sets demonstrated in the 11-on-11 scrimmages, and does not really successfully (or even attempt) stretch the field, it would be tough to keep Denard off the field right now.

Running Backs:

In its entirety, the running game with all the backs used was "okay," nothing great and nothing of magnified concern. Michael Shaw, when he gets going, really shows vision and cuts very well. If he gets big holes, Michael could hit some homeruns. Fitzgerald Toussaint is looking pretty decent as well, but a lot of his better runs were when he was with the second group, again going against the second unit defense. Michael Cox had another decent day, but again much of his success was against the second group, and so (yes, again!) it is problematic to really judge ability and readiness for tough competition going against the current UM second group defense. Stephen Hopkins had some really tough yards when the team ran situational drills simulating goal line and short yardage situations.

Tight Ends:

This group was not much of a factor unless Devin Gardner was at quarterback. Brandon Moore had a pretty nice catch and so did Martell Webb. Devin seems to really look to stretch the field, along with looking for tight ends and split ends down the field. He seems to love those seam passes to the tight ends.

Offensive Line:

Had a decent day on Saturday, but one concerning thing this spring that we have watched is this group is not creating a lot of holes and the running backs are having a tough time in breaking plays for big yards. But again we think, or hope, the defensive line has improved over last spring when Carlos Brown ran for big play after big play. Steve Schilling went out early, his injury didn't seem serious and the coaches know what to expect from him, so they tried some other people.

Slot Receivers:

This group did quite well today handling most of the passes, frequently bubble screens. There were a few dropped balls, which in real games would be drive killers (this offense does poorly in 2-10, 3-9, so every drop is critical), but overall a very good day for the slot receivers, who remain the main targets for Denard and Tate.

We will have a lot more later – but just wanted to do a quick overview of Saturday's scrimmage for the offense and we will be sharing our thoughts of the entire spring practice session and breaking down the position groups later on this week and also after the "official spring scrimmage/game.”

Written by GBMW Staff

Go Blue -- Wear Maize!

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to read the various stories of offense productivity and play makers here and elsewhere but it is hard to tell what is good offense or just bad or mediocre defense. If the 2nd team defense is getting run over, that does not sound good. Does it seem as though Devin is getting more of the "playbook" to run than Denard was getting last year? Either they have confidence in Devin or they realize that with a couple of hits on Tate and turnovers by Denard, Devin will have to be ready to step in.

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