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Coaches Corner: Chris Rock commits to Michigan

Posted at 8:00am -- 5/30/2010

Chris Rock: Michigan Commit #5

Here is an article GBMW did last year when GBMW evaluated Chris Rock and others from Ohio. We will have an updated article about Chris Rock after the holidays. GBMW welcome Chris to the Michigan family.

Written by GBMW Staff


Coach's Corner: Scouting the top 25 in Ohio (a quick summary)

These are the best I have seen or coached against. I have not seen all players listed below personally in game action so take that into consideration.

1) Ken Hayes:

Super athlete, he has a chance to be special.

2) Doran Grant:

Hits like he is 200 lbs, extremely explosive.

3) Braxton Miller:

Great athlete, he could play quarterback, split end, or safety.

4) Trey DePriest:

Trey has defensive back speed with athletic ability in a linebacker’s body, elite skills.

5) Aundrey Walker:

Big body and he moves unbelievably well for his size.

6) Steve Miller:

Another great athlete, moves real well for size, kid can hit.

7) Ray Hamilton:

Great athlete and player, could play tight end or defensive end.

8) A.J. Jordan:

Runs like 180 lbs. at 200 lbs. Raw, but has elite skills.

9) Ronald Tanner:

Has size and speed, he could play safety or grow into an outside linebacker.

10) DerJuan "PeeWee" Gambrell:

Flat out can run, covers a lot of ground in a hurry, good size.

11) Michael Bennett:

Very good two-way linemen.

12) Cardale Jones:

Dual threat quarterback who could also play split end.

13) Eilar Hardy:

Super, quick hitter.

14) Brad Carrico:

Big body and he moves very well.

15) Chris Rock:

Had a difficult junior year, looked great in state semis as junior.

16) Kevin Williams:

Kevin has great movement for his size.

17) Jarrett Grace:

Is an outside linebacker who could grow into a defensive end.

18) Chris Boles

Large body that is nearly impossible to move.

19) Shaquille Washington:

Possesses unbelievable quickness and athletic ability.

20) Shane Wynn:

Very good athlete and he possesses toughness.

21) Brian Mihalik:

Very good athlete, but he needs to get bigger and stronger, moves well.

22) Shane Sturdivant:

Stud linebacker/hits like a truck.

23) Devin Smith:

Quick and shifty.

24) Greg Brown:

Good athlete, and hearing he has a bit of an attitude problem.

25) Antonio Poole:

A tough and athletic linebacker.

Ohio is very deep and talented this year.

Written by GBMW Staff

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