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Mailbag question: Coach Rod, Coach Kelly and drama

Posted at 8:00am -- 5/24/2010

Mailbag question: Coach Rod, Coach Kelly and drama

I have heard different stories regarding Kelly out of Cincinnati. One version is he refused an offer to coach at Michigan, the other is completely opposite, that Michigan snubbed him and now he is out for blood when Notre Dame plays Michigan.

A few random thoughts. We have to give all the love and support to Coach Rod. Can all of this pressure make him not the man he truly is? I mean I hope he plays to win, and does not crack under the pressure and plays not to lose. Thoughts?

Also Michigan was not as bad as people thought last year... What was it, 3 of the top ten in country were from the Big Ten? Wishful thinking, but if Mallet stayed and Boren, and Molk stayed healthy, the results might have been quite different.

Last question, it appears that all the drama is hurting the 2011 recruiting class, which is the death knell for any program. Or does the 2011 class progress appear normal to you?

Like your blog, appreciate the straight forwardness of it!

Scott W.


Thanks for the question and comments.

1. This Coach Kelly question has been aroundsince Coach Carr retired. To the best of our knowledge, Coach Kelly was never a candidate for the Michigan job. We are sure he will use this to motivate his team, as any good coach would.

2. Coach Rod has his own system and coaching philosophy. From what we can observe, he is confident that given time he can implement this system and be successful. Pressure is part of the job; if pressure influences how a coach does his job he is doomed to fail in our opinion.

3. Sure, if Michigan gets a couple of breaks they could have easily been 9-3. But they could have just as easily been 3-9 again. Our problem is that in the last two years UM folded when things got tough. This has to change, period.

4. Negative recruiting is just recruiting. Pointing out your strengths compared to an opponent’s weaknesses is just normal football recruiting.

In our opinion the #1 thing Michigan can do to gain recruits is win (and qualify for a bowl game). Wins will take care of most of the "negative" recruiting problem.

What one person thinks is negative recruiting could be just smart recruiting to another person. Also, every college coach in America tells people they don't negative recruit, but at some point in time they do, by either telling a recruit he would fit better at their school, either by classes/major/academic program, distance, playing time, etc...

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