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Mailbag question: MSU Ratings

Posted at 8:00am -- 5/10/2010

Mailbag question: MSU Ratings


I recently read your response to the poster Ted M’s. position group question.

What I wanted to know is if it would be possible to put the position groups in perspective by comparing them to MSU. I think that this would be beneficial to give readers and fans a baseline.

Thank you,

Sean G.


Michigan State vs. Michigan-baseline comparisons


Denard Robinson is a better athlete and runner than Michigan State's Cousins. Cousins is a better thrower than any of Michigan's quarterbacks at this point. This is real close, Michigan's quarterbacks have a higher ceiling and Michigan has better depth, Cousins is more refined at this point and is by the general population underrated, he can play, make no mistake.

Advantage: Push

Running Backs:
Michigan's stable of backs against Michigan State's Baker, Caper and Nick Hill.

Advantage: Michigan

Tight Ends:
Sims is a great athlete, but so are all three of Michigan's tight ends.

Advantage: Michigan

Split Ends:
The strength of Michigan State’s offensive unit is the split ends, Dell is very good, along with Cunningham. Michigan’s youngsters are tall and catch the ball well.

Advantage: Michigan State

Offensive Line:
Michigan's best linemen are young and have high ceilings for improvement. Michigan State's crew is solid at pass protection, but not so good at run blocking.

Advantage: Slight advantage- either way, so maybe a push, the actual performance is close, Michigan's group has a higher ceiling.


Defensive Line:
The strength of both lines is defensive tackle. Michigan State has two very big and very good defensive tackles, Michigan counters with Martin and Campbell. Michigan State generated a better pass rush last year.

Advantage: A slight advantage is given to Michigan State, but Michigan could catch and pass them here, depending on the performance of the back-ups and the health of both starting groups.

Jones is flat out a high level football player and Michigan State has three youngsters who can play. Michigan linebackers have to play much better for this season to be a success.

Advantage: Michigan State

Michigan's cornerbacks were solid, but still have little depth, the safeties continue to be a work in progress, especially against the pass. Michigan State's secondary had multiple picks last year.

Advantage: Michigan State

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Anonymous said...

"Michigan State's secondary had multiple picks last year."

If you're going to give the secondary to Sparty... at least have a good reason. They had 6 picks last year. Only 2 of the players that had interceptions (with 1 each) return this year.

At the very least, it's a push.

Anonymous said... we out recruit MSU every year yet they are still better at several positions?? So I assume this means that our coaching staff is poor at developing players?

Eitherway, if you look at the players Michigan brings in class after class they are superior to MSU class after class. If our coaching staff cannot develop talent, then we need to get a new staff.

GBMW BLOG said...

Well, there is a lot more to DB play then interceptions. We rated the CBs as basically a push, very close. We thought MSU safeties played better than UM safeties and that gave MSU the advantage.

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