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Mailbag question: Tate Forcier "what if"

Posted at 8:00am -- 5/27/2010

Mailbag question: Tate Forcier "what if"

Hello GBMW,

Do you guys see a chance this year that Tate Forcier could drop down to the third string quarterback?

If that happens do you guys think he will be around next spring.

I realize this is a lot of in the future talk, but I think with what I saw of Devin Gardner and your reports from spring practice on how Denard Robinson did this spring that Tate might be the third brother from the Forcier family looking for a different team than the one they committed to out of high school.



Thanks for the question.

We are not ready to completely, or partially write off Tate Forcier.

He is a very proud, competitive athlete, who will not give up the starting job without a fight. Tate has some qualities that serve him well has a college quarterback. First, he has well-above average mechanics. Second, Tate is very accurate. Third, he is smart (do not confuse that trait with freshman quarterback read and execute problems. Finally, Tate also has more experience than his two competitors combined.

We will look into the crystal ball and let us just say that if Tate Forcier ever became the third quarterback on the depth chart, it certainly would not be a shocker that he would consider transferring.

The same competitive attitude that makes us hesitant to write Tate Forcier off will make it tough for him to sit and watch others play, especially after starting the his entire freshman football season.

One thing about this quarterback battle, especially in this offense, a spread team that emphasizes running needs several players ready for action.

Like many coaches have always told back-ups, "you are only one play away from being the starter.”

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Anonymous said...

I feel Tate needs to get into jim and get much stronger and develip mussles and throw lazer bullits to receivers and other teemates. He will be great qb at UM.

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