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Michigan Softball: Congratulations to the 2010 Michigan Softball Team

Posted at 8:00am -- 5/17/2010

Michigan Softball: Congratulations to the 2010 Michigan Softball Team

With a league title on the line and going on the road against a solid and well-coached team anything can happen. Michigan’s softball team took control by remaining patient, poised, and executing to win the Big Ten championship in a very tough league.

The pitching was sound, both Friday and Saturday, from Jordan Taylor and lefty Nikki Nemitz. Nemitz, especially, demonstrated focus and toughness that made it very difficult for Iowa to get on the board. Any coach will take two games on the road giving up two runs in 14 innings.

The defense played sound and smart led by catcher Roya St. Clair and Amanda Chidester.

On offense, the entire line-up contributed enough to manufacture runs. With Dorian Shaw essentially being taken out of a chance to produce big run totals, Michigan relied on chops, steals, gutsy base-running, and bunts to play enough small ball to put the pressure on Iowa.

Of note was the use of time tested base-running plays that look good when executed and take a team out of an inning when the defense executes. On Friday, the Wolverines sent runners from second base twice on ground balls to the infield and scored both times. On Saturday, Michigan sent the runner in a first and third situation, forcing a throw from the catcher and getting the runner in a run-down, allowing the runner from third to score. This is a tough play to stop and teams must practice defensive strategies daily to neutralize this planned play. Even the major leagues sometimes concede the runner second base in this day and age. Iowa went old school and threw down not conceding the base.

Amanda Chidester continues to remain the glue that gets the job done in the clutch.

It has been a good spring for Michigan sports. The baseball team will likely have to win the tournament to get into the NCAA. Many, if not all, teams in the Big Ten face the same situation.

Again, congratulations and best wishes to the softball team, a group that is very fun to watch.

Written by GBMW Staff

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William (Bill) said...

Congratulations ladies and good luck all the way to the championship game.

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