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Chris Rock: 2011 Michigan Wolverine -- Defensive Line -- Profile

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/1/2010

GBMW-quick, early overview of Chris Rock of Columbus DeSales High School.

Chris Rock: 2011 Michigan Wolverine

Height: 6'5
Weight: 250
Number: 88
Position: Defensive End
High School: Columbus St. Francis DeSales High School (Ohio)
Head Coach: Ryan Wiggins
Recruiter: Coach Bruce Tall
Class: 2011 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Verbal Commit)

Chris is a tall rangy defensive line prospect who plays for one of top programs in Ohio. Chris Rock was sick most of his junior year and is more impressive on his sophomore film. Chris has mulled over the idea of being a wolverine for a long period of time. Yes, this is the high school that produced Grant Bowman and Patrick Omameh. Think of a classy, Massey type of player who has the frame to put on the weight to compete at the D-1 level.

Chris has a large frame that is capable of adding weight. He plays very hard, with excellent intensity, and hustles all over the field. Chris has a good get off, a solid first step, and is a solid tackler. Chris plays the position strong and gets his hands up and on blockers.

Needs work:
Chris definitely needs some time with Coach Barwis, like many promising freshmen, to add strength and weight. Chris plays too tall at times and his press out needs to improve. Chris’s closing speed and burst are average and his hips appear a bit tight and this hinders his lateral movement.

Chris Rock reminds GBMW of this former Michigan Wolverine:
Ryan Van Bergen

Red-shirt or play his freshman year:
GBMW would like to see Chris red-shirt, but that may not be the case, especially with the lack of talent/depth on the defensive side of the ball. Also Chris’s playing status might depend on members of the 2010 recruiting class, that is, if all the committed players make it in this summer along with who else Michigan will land on the defensive line for the 2011 recruiting class.

Final Thoughts:
GBMW has seen Chris in person and we have talked with his family and coaches. We are VERY glad he is part of this Michigan recruiting class. Chris is a very good pick-up for the UM program, landing a top 25 player from the state of Ohio is always nice. Chris could easily grow more and it would not be surprising to see Chris at 270 pounds within the next 18 months, a 270 pound load that easily still makes his body athletic.

In a discussion last fall with Chris and his coach, Doc4blu has concluded that Chris is a Michigan type player; excellent academics, hard worker, and Chris possesses a significant loyalty towards Michigan. Coach Wiggins is very impressive as a coach and a mentor. Chris will be in very good hands this fall and the bet here is that he will come out firing away and make every effort to contribute to another typical DeSales title run.

Written by GBMW Staff

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