Thursday, June 24, 2010

GBMWolverine is moving

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/24/2010

GBMWolverine followers,

Our site, GBMWolverine, has moved to which is a part of the FanSided network, so please bookmark our new site into your favorites.

At this time the previous blogspot site will be idle.

We will be shutting down the current message board as well. We will have a message board that goes with the new site that will enable readers easier access to the new message board. Please note, you will have to register to post on the new message board.

The move is in response to an opportunity that appeared rapidly. GBMWolverine sees an advantage to being a part of a national sports fans blog network, but will absolutely still retain the deep rooted and independent Michigan outlook. The site will remain a place where fans can participate in our blog and be able to discuss Michigan athletics.

The staff has concluded strongly that being a part of the fansided network will not only benefit the site and also the readership. Simply put, over the long haul there will be more information.

The network affiliation is and the network covers the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and has recently started coverage of NCAA sports and individual programs.

The succeeding content will not really be of a new format, the staff will continue past practice regarding answering e-mail questions, writing football breakdowns during the season, and breaking down the football commits, and offering recruiting profiles. The site will continue to cover hockey, basketball, etc. and as we mentioned in a previous article the site is going to expand Michigan football recruiting coverage.

Please comment on our GBMWolverine Message Board about this article and read what others comment and give us your thoughts, agree or disagree.

Just a reminder you must be a member to participate on the Message Board. Here is the link GBMWolverine Register for those people interested in becoming a member.

You can contact us at our e-mail address: GBMWolverine

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