Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GBMW: Were Expanding Coverage

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/22/2010

GBMW: Were Expanding Coverage

GBMW has always promised to seriously consider suggestions from our much-appreciated followers. As a result, GBMW is going to be adding more recruiting coverage to the blog page. The breakdowns of Michigan recruits and associated scouting reports have been very well received both here and on other web sources. As a result, the staff will extend recruiting coverage.

GBMW typically covered Michigan commitments with our breakdowns and film evaluations that we normally do. Also, GBMW covered recruiting as a result of mailbag e-mails, questions about certain recruits, areas of recruiting, or how the staff thought recruiting was going. More recently, GBMW has hit the sideline for scouting and published stories about local Ohio and Michigan recruits.

The site has decided to expand its presence in the recruiting domain to not only benefit our viewers, but also to expand coverage of Michigan football, by discussing who UM is recruiting. There will be some, limited carry-over to other sports as well.

GBMW is planning on doing one or two breakdowns a week of potential Michigan recruiting targets. These might not be recruits that are high on Michigan, or high on the Michigan coaches’ list, but we think some of the recruits should either look at Michigan or Michigan should look at them. Also, the site is going to at least attempt to set this up so to be on a certain day, so the readership will know when to expect recruiting news.

This might be a slow time in covering Michigan football right now (nothing seems too slow at UM circa 2010), but things behind the scenes are picking up and expanding recruiting coverage becomes an opportunity for a more informative site.

The staff has not forgotten the other sports that GBMW covers, but the main focus will remain football because that is our overriding expertise. GBMW will continue the great hockey coverage with Yostmeister and also “dabble” in basketball, softball, baseball and everything else on the Michigan campus.

As always the site will value the e-mail questions and will continue printing and answering those as well. The mailbag questions, as earlier stated, have helped make this site much bigger than the staff envisioned when GBMW started.

By adding to the site, all of us hold the objective of retaining loyal readers and gaining new ones. The plan now is to grow by providing great information and highly independent material. There is more to the growth plan and some information may be made available soon at GBMW.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Wade said...

I would love to see you get a twitter page, you have some of the best cotent around, it needs to be shared as many places as possible

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