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Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey status

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/2/2010

Mailbag question: Demar Dorsey status

When will we all find out if Demar Dorsey is eligible to play for Michigan this fall? It is less than 100 days to kickoff!

Keep up the great work.

Cam P.


Thanks for the question.

Honestly, Michigan fans might not want to get their hopes up as to Demar Dorsey playing for Michigan this year. Some sites have essentially written him off, while other sites have Demar’s chances on the “critical, on life-support” list. Nothing is “official.”

However, please take careful note regarding the content of the remainder of this article!! Also, take note that some of the content is currently impossible to verify with 100% confidence as decisions like this (Demar’s admission status) have as least some fluidity (e.g. final grades for senior year, etc.).

On the surface, this situation (regarding young Dorsey) may appear to be random, isolated, “politically motivated,” or to many onlookers the Dorsey situation may appear to be similar to that of former UM recruit Adrian Witty.

Witty never made it to Michigan, a result of the combined admissions process. Many have speculated that Adrian actually met NCAA standards but did not gain admission from Michigan. Some have stated that indeed there were other potential recruits who had to quickly drop by the wayside because the chances of Michigan admission were not even marginal.

None of us here know Mr. Witty’s exact academic standing; that is meant to be subject to privacy and well such matters should be.

As of now the first part of the eligibility process for Demar Dorsey centers on the standard documentation and the meeting of established standards all recruits must demonstrate before actual enrollment. This is what we have all come to know as the NCAA Clearinghouse acceptance. In Demar’s case the Clearinghouse is the first obstacle, but likely not the last and maybe not the tallest hurdle. That high hurdle may be the formal admissions decision by the University of Michigan.

So, in the near future, everything must have a very successful cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s” effect to allow a chance for Demar to play this year.

Remember that in the 2009 class Gallon and Turner did not secure final acceptance until August and actually missed several fall practices. It is the opinion here that both players essentially lost at least one-half year of potential development.

What GBMW has been informed of is several different accounts and recent developments regarding the status of UM football recruiting. Two scenarios outlined below directly affect Demar, the third and last is also potentially pointed at other recruits, present and future.

First, the scenario that the final decision for Demar Dorsey’s acceptance is essentially 100% in the hands of Admissions and that indeed it could again be August before any final decision is rendered. In short, both Michigan admissions and the requirements of the NCAA Clearinghouse will be, as normal, deciding conditions. However, assuming Clearinghouse acceptance, Michigan Admissions then becomes what is known as the extraordinary power (in total control of the outcome).

Then, GBMW has been informed that Demar Dorsey has not qualified yet (NCAA standards) and that Admissions will not know if Demar qualifies until probably August. Qualification, of course, would only satisfy one of the two above outlined conditions, the other again being Michigan Admissions.

And most recently GBMW has received clear and very believable information from a reliable poster by the name of "Rekker" who stated that even if Dorsey does qualify there is a strong chance that he (as well as two others from the 2010 class) will not matriculate.

This “unwritten and unstated policy/decree,” it was stated to GBMW, germinated from inside the Athletic Department, not from the recently battered (by some, cheered by others) Admissions Department. It is not an AD vs. Admissions thing, whereby the admissions personnel are purposely turning recruits away (purported by some to be tied to an agenda). This position is instead the new regime sending a full-power and clear signal.

The basic issue is that Coach Rod in his short tenure has been bringing in too many academically "at risk" kids, at risk as defined by current Michigan standards. Three to five recruits per year in a category defined as above has been pretty much the historical trend at UM the last decade, and while some “fuss” has occurred many players have received admission. More than a dozen recruits deemed to be marginal is a different matter and is not presently viewed with favor, especially within the rank and file of the academia.

The AD's view is that all athletes have to be able to survive at Michigan in a real academic program. Surviving at Michigan holds the underlying assumption that the university indeed entails a higher standard than merely qualifying as defined by the NCAA.

Assuming that the above position holds at least a degree (if not more) of accuracy, then the bottom line is Michigan fans could see three signed commitments from this class not show up in August. All hell will break loose if indeed this happens. But after the smoke clears, there will be a very clear message about the expected admission standard and associated academic credentials for UM football recruits.

Again, the signal, if the information is correct, is coming from the AD, not Admissions. Certainly, as one would expect, the university will be tight-lipped and noncommittal in commenting on unstated or unwritten winds of change. Only generalities will be presented.

If Demar goes the junior college route (he has signed such a letter of intent with Fort Scott Community College in Kansas), do not remotely gain the impression that he will eventually join the Michigan football program, because rarely does a recruit (or any student) secure JC transfer credit at Michigan.

If Demar goes the "JC route," this easily explains why programs such as Florida backed off of him late in the recruiting season.

And so, the As the World Turns status of Michigan continues, but clearly for all of us it will be, at the very least, most interesting to see how this situation eventually signals, one way or the other, an unwritten policy and standard bar for UM players gaining admittance.

The outcome bears great importance to Michigan’s future on-field success, since Demar remains the best defensive recruit in the 2010 class. His loss could immediately hurt depth, perhaps even eliminating a 2010 defensive starter. Of note is the cruel reality that if the admission decision of Demar Dorsey is unfavorable, then another in a long line of high-level defensive backs, including Adrian Witty, over the past half-decade or so will be filed in the near-miss category, which does Michigan no good at all.

We all wish for Demar to have success, and like others hope, wish, aspire, long, yearn, whatever, for his eventual admission to U of M. If Demar does clear the NCAA, but does not obtain Michigan acceptance, there will be inquiring minds questioning, and theories posited, as to the why and how of the entire recruitment process and the associated decision.

But inquiring minds maybe just got a little head start.

Written by GBMW Staff

Go Blue -- Wear Maize!


Anonymous said...

If Demar passes NCAA clearinghouse and not UM Admissions, something is seriously wrong. The fact that UM would allow a kid to commit, procide him with an action plan, he meets the action plan and you still turn him away, absolutely pathetic and embarrassing.

Markus said...

Losing Demarr Dorsey would be a big disappointment for Michigan as the 2010 secondary really needs his athleticism.

Sure, RichRod is taking some risks each year by attempting to sign kids with "questionable" academic skills and achievement. I don't agree about admission refusals being an embarrassment to UM. I think RR and staff do a good job upfront of letting kids know the conditional status of such scholarship offers and admissions. Dude, it's Michigan, not Florida Atlantic. You gotta have decent grades. They convey this message clearly to recruits and their families from the outset. People are delusional if they think Carr didn't take similar risks when recruiting athletes during his tenure also. Some fell through the cracks also. There is nothing new here.

The real difference is that Carr could sort of "afford" to lose a few recruits each year due to UM admissions constraints because he already had a UM football roster chocked full of athletes and some VHT in the 2 and 3 deep. Since 1995 I don't recall anyone panicking like "OMG We gotta land this one recruit or else"! People are freaking out too much for some dumb reason. Look, it's gonna be a couple more years before UM gets on equal footing in scholarship/roster numbers with PSU and OSU in this regard. That day will soon come. This is why every Adrian Witty and Demar Dorsey loss hurts Rodriguez's chances and legacy that much more.

As for conspiracy theories, I think people are seriously overestimating the importance and organizational influence of Carr-loyalists in the AD that would be attempting to undermine Rodriguez. These idiots couldn't even get the CARA forms done right under Carr either. Now we're to believe that there is an army of capable Anti-RR insiders who are suddenly experts in career sabotage? Even if they do exist, I would spend zero time worrying about their effectiveness.

The only one undermining Rodriguez thus far has been Rodriguez himself by failing to beat mediocre opponents like Illinois twice, Purdue twice and MSU twice. Beating PSU and OSU will take a few years (that RR may not have).

rob213 said...

What is truly embarrassing is having a 3-time felon even being considered for admissions. This kid made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. The real world has real consequences. It's good to know that the higher ups have still kept their senses about what it means to be a Michigan Man.

Anonymous said...

As an alumni I wouldn't like to see admission standards lower for anybody. The University is more important that it's football program. Besides, with or without Demar, Michigan will rise again.

Steve said...

I am glad you're not God, Rob. No offense to you but just your judging. If the kid is given a chance and does it well, and becomes a good to great citizen, then it's all worth it.

With that being said, U of M has to back away from a recent trend of accepting too many academic borderlines. If they don't there will be serious consequences with grad rates and more. It may look ugly with admissions not accepting him now, but that is there own fault for allowing that trend to start in the first place and it needs to stop. It's going to look ugly in the process but that will be the lesser of the evils. You wouldn't like the eventual results if they don't do this.

Anonymous said...

I used to really enjoy this blog. Now it makes constant references to "some people" which almost always seems to be directed toward GBW. The info and player analysis this site used to provide was a great perspective. Now, I have to agree with the one mailbag person who said it seems agenda driven. Over the years I've seen Eroc make comments like if you don't like it don't read. I guess I can say I enjoyed that not being the response. I also say, if you are going to make allegations then I would like facts. I haven't seen it supported anywhere that rr is accepting more marginal recruits. Whether or not the team had the highest gpa ever last year, they obviously did as well or better than previous teams. I am a UM alum, and I took classes with several um players. Also, my gf was a gsi and I can tell you for sure there were kids under Carr not doing well at all. Dozens? That would be half or more than half of RRs classes and I just need facts to see it. I haven't heard of anyone going on academic probation since rr has been there. Not saying it hasn't happened, I just haven't heard it. Also, he has only been coach for two academic years so... I'm not sure if we even have enough info yet to make certain statements. Further, in case anyone is applying to school or has kids going into college, you would know that college as well as grad school is much, much, much more competitve than even four years ago. I'm not sure if I could get into UM out of hs right now. That could account for some of this perception. Again, I'm not saying it isn't true. But before I damn someone or say something negative I like to have tangible facts.

I read UMs report to the NCAA, and unless we are accusing them of sandbagging, conspiring or lying, UMs report strongly suggests that there was more than incompetence going on in the ADs office. Let's not pick and choose our facts here. Anyone who knows anything about the law knows that it isn't what you do, it's how you do it. That much is also clear from the NCAA report. That is why it is important to have a compliance staff who is on board with the coaching staff. Just as if you hired me as your attorney or a legal consultant, you tell me what you want to do and I figure out how you do it legally. If I can't figure out how you can do it, then I tell you not to. RR and his staff didn't get that opportunity at least partly because people in the AD were not doing their jobs. Coincidence to me is missing an email or two. Turning in something late. It strongly suggests otherwise when it goes on for as long as it did, unresolved while compliance practically begged for documents-not from RR and his coaches, but from ad admin. If that doesn't seem odd to you then I have nothing else to say. The sooner we get all of this choosing sides stuff behind us the better our program will be. Why can't we all just be for Michigan-which IMO, means at least giving our team and our coach a chance. Something everyone wants. Something that RR, again, IMO didn't get before he coached one single game.

GBWM said...

Can only speak for myself, but what I give is 100% opinion based on what I know, not what I hear or read anywhere else. Could personally careless what others think or say, I rely 100% on experience facts.

rob213 said...

To Steve:
Dorsey has had many chances in life most people would not normally receive.

He has taken part in 3 separate Breaking and entering crimes and has twice benefited from felony diversion. It's time to face the music and the consequences. No one is taking away his opportunity to play football. But playing for Michigan is a privilege, not a right and he has lost that privilege with his actions and decisions.

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