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Mailbag question: USC players

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/18/2010

Mailbag question: USC players

Hey guys, great stuff lately as always. Just a quick question, a couple of years ago we were recruiting a kid out of the PSL (I think) named Nick Perry. He was one of the top DE's in the country for that class. We thought we were in it but he ultimately chose USC.

So my question is now with the USC sanctions allowing players to leave without sitting out a year might he come back home? If not him are there others who may be interested?

Keep up the good work!!

Tom T.


Thanks for the question.

That is a tough question, and any maybe is not even in the early developmental stage. USC is still going to be on national TV a ton, so exposure is not a problem.

USC is still going to attract NFL scouts in droves. so that is not an issue.

Defenders like Nick Perry will be playing for one of the most respected DC's in the business in Coach Kiffin. Coach Carroll and many other noted coaches credit him as a mentor, a plus for the USC program.

Players like Perry, who have limited eligibility remaining, are less likely to transfer, but it is not out of the question. Ronald Johnson likely will not come back to Michigan, among many factors not in Michigan’s favor is the style of offense and how the split ends have been used the last couple of years at Michigan certainly would be unattractive to a potential high draft pick.

Is it possible either would come back? Possible, yes, but highly unlikely in our opinion -- we could see either going to Michigan State before Michigan.

People need to remember that no matter how Michigan fans can minimize what is going on in Ann Arbor, others around the country have a different perception.

So, not many players would want to leave a team like USC soon to be under sanctions to go to another team like Michigan that has been investigated, self-penalized, and are waiting on the NCAA in August for final sanctions.

Now if the NCAA ruling had came out earlier then we could possible see USC players looking into Michigan, but since nothing will be finalized until mid-August that means that the players would have to trust the word of coaches they really don't know, an unlikely scenario after being burned by coaches they did trust.

This is a situation that is bad for the current USC players, because they are at a place they wanted to be part of, and in most cases the current USC players were not even in high school when these events occurred. They will be the ones that have to suffer the consequences, not the school, the president, the current head coach, the previous head coach, the assistant coaches, the athletic director, boosters, or former players.

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great reply, but the truth hurts.

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