Monday, April 14, 2008

Mailbag question:

Great stuff Eroc and CoachBt,

Based on what you know of Coach Rod and his offensive philosophy, do you think he would prefer a QB like Pat White (exceptional runner, serviceable passer) or a more versatile dual threat who may not be the kind of speed and elusive runner that White is?IMO, as exceptional a zone read QB as White has been, the lack of NFL buzz about him due to either size or passing ability is making it more difficult for RR to land a top notch dual threat QB for Michigan.Maybe we land a 5 star dual threat kid but maybe we end up turning a great athlete into a star quarterback, ala Troy Smith.

From goblue94 on GBW:
Thanks for the question. Basing this opinion on three major factors:

Staff composition, Coach Rod recent history, and what we witnessed at Michigan Football Coaches Clinic and Practices.

Coach Rod and staff are looking for a Quarterback with Pat White type running ability, but a little better passer. Michigan offensive staff, with exception of Coach Jackson, has run almost exclusively the zone read offense. Coach Dews and Coach Smith have run nothing but zone read at the positions they are currently coaching.

When at West Virginia Coach Rod and staff recruited great athletes and made them their Quarterback. At Michigan, their first Quarterback recruit is great athlete who is better runner than passer. Why would you do these things if you intended to run a more pro style type offense? You would not.

At practice and scrimmage we attended in conjunction with the Michigan Coaches Clinic Michigan had both Cone and Threet running the spread option and base option offense. Neither of these two Quarterbacks is going to be confused with Michael Vick. They are tall pocket passers. Michigan staff expecting these two to execute the same offense used at West Virginia leads us to believe this is the direction Michigan’s offensive staff wants to take the offense.
Is it possible they will tweak the scheme to fit Threet's skills? Of course, they will, but considering the three factors listed above, it is our opinion that the Quarterback read option, and possible run first Quarterbacks are Michigan’s future.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Cash said...

I agree that R2 is after a running QB like a White, But these kids all want to play in the NFL, and most think that they won't get there running the football. If he wants top quality QB's (and who doesn't) he will have to adjust, and stop showing Pat White film to QB recruits. The defense of big time schools are getting faster and bigger, and most these kids don't want and can't take the punishment.
R2 said he can adapt, well its time he adapts, as we have a few top QB's who like us, and we don't want to lose them. We have great RB's and WR's lets use them. He can still run a spread with a REAL dual threat QB. The future Michigan QB job is wide open, and he should have them standing in line for the job. So don't chase them away with this run run run QB mindset. This is not WVU it's Michigan, where top QB's have always wanted to come. other then that, all is fine. ROAR!

ErocWolverine said...

yes we need to get away from the WV pat white offense and I really hope Threet works out so recruits will see it is a different offense at Michigan. Until they see it in the fall will they believe it.

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