Friday, September 19, 2008

Mailbag Question:


How do you guys think Michigan will recover after the start of this season so far? Were you guys expecting this kind of start of being 1-2 right now?

I really thought they had a chance to be 3-0 going into this season and really thought they would end up being 8-4. Do you guys think this team will be able to recover in the Big Ten and make a bowl game this year. Seems like that might be tough the way they are playing, but that is my hope that they continue the bowl streak.

Would be nice to at least beat MSU this year for in-state recruiting, but not even sure that might be possible this year and that might hurt us in-state and give MSU an edge of winning the game and also showing kids they are improving and willing to recruit them.



Thanks for the question.

We thought that 1-2 and were a real possibility.

Between the new offense and inexperienced players, a rough start was a realistic possibility. Was there a chance Michigan would be 3-0, sure.

None of the opponents was so good that Michigan had no chance to win. We were very worried about game at South Bend. How the young, inexperienced players would react to first game on the road. Along with it seems like something always happens to Michigan when playing in South Bend.

We were also concerned about the skill position players Utah had and being the first game of the season with all the “new things” with this Michigan team.

Can Michigan recover, sure?

First step of deciding on starting Quarterback will only help in our opinion. In addition, with large number of young players the room for improvement is considerable.

In our opinion, the three keys for rest of season will be special teams play, defense, and staying healthy. However, will add that nothing is going to be easy this year.

Michigan just does not at this time have the ability to score enough points to crush opponents. In our opinion, 7-5 or 8-4 is reasonable, and Michigan should end up playing in one of the lesser Bowl games. We was really thinking at the beginning of the year this team would be atleast 2-1 at this stage when we were thinking they would be 8-4 before the season.

They need to get things going now though to still attain that record especially with tough games against Wisconsin and Illinois at home, Penn State, and Ohio State on the road. There are many games that are toss-ups right now as well and not any gimmie and that includes Toledo.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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